Requirements Elicitation and Review

Download PDFGetting the requirements right means not just documenting what stakeholders say, but digging into their statements (or eliciting) to understand what they mean. This course supports those efforts by providing students the essential elicitation and review skills they need to identify the right solutions and drive significant value on their projects. Students learn repeatable steps and practice techniques to begin elicitation, stay organized, enable critical thinking, and confirm requirements.

Requirements Elicitation Techniques

An extensive list of requirements elicitation techniques are covered in this course. Having a long list of techniques to choose from allows the analyst flexibility in their approach to gain maximum insight. Students will learn how to plan their elicitation within the scope of their analysis and determine which requirements elicitation techniques are appropriate based on stakeholders, project type, methodology, and complexity. A comprehensive job aid is provided as a quick reference to define each elicitation technique, suggestions for when to use it, and how to use the technique.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss what is business analysis
  • Explore various requirements
  • Use effective techniques to elicit requirements from various stakeholders
  • Determine the most appropriate elicitation technique for the desired results
  • Enhance active listening skills to understand what stakeholders are really saying and verify the message
  • Identify techniques for reviewing and validating requirements
  • Practice critical thinking skills for engaging stakeholders, identifying needs, and select new approaches and ideas

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Class Experience

Students receive amply opportunities in class to practice the requirements gathering techniques taught. Individual and group feedback is provided by the expert facilitator to improve skills. Training is not a one time activity. After class, the learning continues… see how we make learning stick. This requirements elicitation training supports the industry standards outlined in the IIBA BABOK® and the PMI-PBA certification. This course can be taken either stand-alone or as part of the 4-day Essential Skills for Business Analysis course.

Course Outline

Introduction1 hour

  • Define business analysis
  • Discuss what requirements are and how they are utilized in analysis
  • Describe requirements elicitation and techniques available

Putting Requirements Elicitation into Practice3 hours

  • Describe how to use 11 different elicitation techniques to understand stakeholder requirements
    • Document Analysis
    • Observation
    • Interviews
    • Surveys, Questionnaires
    • Requirements Workshops
    • Brainstorming
    • Focus Groups
    • Interface Analysis
    • Data Mining
    • Mind Mapping
    • Benchmarking and Market Analysis
  • Improve your elicitation skills by:
    • Practicing several elicitation techniques
    • Utilizing active listening techniques
    • Enhancing critical thinking skills
    • Using various techniques for increased brainstorming results
  • Choose the appropriate technique(s) for your project

Getting the Most Out of Elicitation2.5 hours

  • Describe the considerations for planning elicitation
  • Choose the most appropriate elicitation technique(s)
  • Ensure the right people are involved in elicitation activities
  • Validate your elicitation results
  • Manage Conflict
  • Confirm stakeholders have a shared understanding of requirements

Course Summary.5 hours

  • Bringing it all together
  • Develop an Action Plan with next steps on the student’s current project

Appendix – Job Aid

  • Elicitation Techniques – What, When, & How
  • Elicitation Planning Worksheets

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  1. Radha P.

    The training was excellent. The instructor did a great job of involving the whole group and engaging them in mock projects and learning from there.

  2. Amanda B.

    Great class! I enjoyed that we didn’t just read through the book but actually applied what were learning with real life examples and being able to work with others. Working as a team can be challenging at times but in this class it worked so well! This really helped me put the new knowledge to use and I really got a lot from the training this way.

  3. Michael M.

    I don’t currently hold what is considered a BA role but I do participate in these types of interactions with clients and believe that the materials and techniques taught in class can be beneficial to aspects outside the BA role.

  4. Tracy L.

    This was a wonderful class! I especially liked the small group break-out sessions that gave us a chance to work on exercises.

  5. Jose C.

    Great content and instruction. Best online course, hands down!

  6. Tiffany M.

    This was a great class that gave me a wide variety of elicitation techniques and how they work. I normally just use the workshop or interview technique. What I learned in this class definitely expands my options.

  7. David Y.

    Honestly, this was one of the better training classes I’ve been to – both online and in person – in quite a while. Good instructors, good materials.

  8. Brian J.

    I was extremely pleased with the material presented and the organization of the class. I will definitely be considering using B2T for future training in this area.

  9. Cathy H.

    This virtual class was very well put together and has been a surprisingly refreshing substitute for travel to training. Thank you!

  10. Margarita H.

    The training was great! I love how our instructor taught the class and kept us all involved and participating.

  11. Sam K.

    I’ve been able to apply all things learned to what I am doing in my job immediately.

  12. Diana G.

    For a virtual class, it was a great experience. Even though I could not see my classmates, I was able to communicate with them as if I could. It was fun and kept my attention!!

  13. Brenda H.

    Have really enjoyed the class. I feel I am taking away knowledge that I will be able to use.

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Length 1 day
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This course is designed for individuals performing elicitation activities; business analysts, project managers, business systems analysts, product managers, product owners, system architect, process engineers, requirements engineers, or any other project team member.

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