Essential Skills for Business Analysis

Download PDFThe business analyst skills covered in this course are applicable whether analysis is performed in an agile or more traditional plan-driven approach. This is the perfect course for those new to business analysis, to level set analysts across the organization, or for senior analysts needing to refresh their business analyst skill set. It supports the IIBA BABOK industry standards and PMI’s PBA certification and is an excellent class for individuals seeking the ECBA or other certifications.

Learning Objectives

  • Define business analysis and requirements
  • Elicit requirements from stakeholders using a variety of effective techniques
  • Practice creative thinking skills to engage stakeholders, uncover needs, and identify new approaches and ideas
  • Compare and contrast analysis techniques in order to select the technique(s) that will most appropriately:
    • support your understanding, critical thinking and problem solving
    • communicate information to stakeholders to enable review and their understanding of requirements
  • Reduce confusion and development errors by creating excellent requirements that can be easily understood by outsourced or distributed teams
  • Get the most out of your models and diagrams by asking the right questions during analysis
  • Identify why the project is being done (business drivers) in order to ensure the right analysis effort is being performed and so that requirements efforts can be appropriately prioritized
  • Create a context data flow diagram to identify interfaces, data flows, and high-level processes associated with the project, that is valuable both for planning and communications purposes
  • Discuss strategies for content organization and collaboration, and describe why being more organized increases team agility
  • Practice creating an analysis approach to make the most efficient use of elicitation and analysis techniques
  • Learn to address common barriers that face project teams

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Class Experience

Highly interactive exercises provide students opportunities to practice and reinforce the techniques and business analysis skills taught during class. Regardless of the participant’s skill level, the workshop cases and discussions inspire learning insights for every level of experience.

Students are encouraged to bring projects into class for exercises and to develop a more personalized post-class action plan to take their project to the next step. This class also includes our Make Learning Stick program to ensure the knowledge gained in class is converted to long term memory.

Course Outline

Introduction1 hour

  • Define business analysis
  • Discuss what requirements are and how they are utilized in analysis
  • Describe requirements elicitation and techniques available

Putting Requirements Elicitation into Practice3 hours

  • Describe how to use 11 different elicitation techniques to understand stakeholder requirements: Document Analysis, Observation, Interviews, Surveys and Questionnaires, Requirements Workshops, Brainstorming, Focus Groups, Interface Analysis, Data Mining, Mind Mapping, Benchmarking and Market Analysis
  • Improve your elicitation skills by:
    • Practicing several elicitation techniques
    • Utilizing active listening techniques
    • Enhancing critical thinking skills
    • Using various techniques for increased brainstorming results
  • Choose the appropriate technique(s) for your project

Getting the Most Out of Elicitation3 hours

  • Describe the considerations for planning elicitation
  • Choose the most appropriate elicitation technique(s)
  • Ensure the right people are involved in elicitation activities
  • Validate your elicitation results
  • Manage Conflict
  • Confirm stakeholders have a shared understanding of requirements

Introduction to Scoping.5 hour

  • Define solution scope and explain its applicability and purpose
  • Differentiate between solution scope and project scope
  • Identify the components of scope and explain the purpose of a business requirements document
  • Describe the value of scoping your area of analysis

Define Project Context and Purpose2.5 hours

  • Survey the Project
    • Explain how to assess a project within the larger context of the enterprise
    • Identify the documents and information valuable to establishing project context
  • Describe Project Purpose
    • Differentiate business drivers from problem solutions
    • Study problems and opportunities in the organization
    • Clearly state business objectives
    • Define project approach
    • Compose a well-defined problem statement
    • Construct a project glossary and illustrate its value

Depict Other Key Scope Parameters1 hour

  • Distinguish and express key scope parameters and explain their importance
    • Risks
    • Assumptions
    • Constraints
    • Dependencies
  • Plan for detailed scope elicitation

Scope Your Area of Analysis1 hour

  • Express scope with graphical representation
    • Illustrate components of graphical scope & order of definition
      • Identify external agents
      • Analyze and Identify data flows
      • Distinguish project boundary
      • Formulate purpose-driven name
  • Complete scope with text documentation
    • Detect stakeholders from scope context
    • Analyze scope parameters for impacts on analysis planning

Finalizing Scope2 hours

  • Evaluate and prepare scoping results
    • Indicate newly identified project information
    • Identify important actions performing a final quality check
    • Produce formal context DFD (scope diagram)
  • Validate Scope with Stakeholders
    • Explain process of validating your area of analysis
    • Describe considerations when planning communications about scope and impacts
    • Explain the importance and describe an approach to gaining stakeholder agreement on scope
  • Baseline the scope
    • Define a baseline
    • Describe the value and purpose of baselining the results of the scoping effort
  • Describe next steps for business analysis after scoping
    • Identify the transition to requirements management
    • Identify options for requirements analysis and elicitation
    • Explain how scope is used throughout the project

Introduction to Requirements Analysis Techniques.5 hour

  • Describe requirements and the importance of requirements analysis
  • Provide guidance on how requirements analysis techniques are applicable within any methodology
  • Compare and contrast the requirements analysis perspectives: what vs how and AS IS vs TO BE

Breaking Down Requirements into Core Components1 hour

  • Define the four core components that make up all requirements
    • Data
    • Process
    • External Agent/Actor
    • Business Rules
  • Describe what the core components represent
  • Identify the importance of core components to your audience

Using Analysis Techniques to Your Advantage5.5 hours

  • Describe how particular analysis techniques:
    • Drive quality analysis
    • Communicate requirements perspectives effectively
  • Go beyond documenting requirements solely with text – describe how diagrams and models can also be used for analysis
  • Compare and contrast the different requirements analysis techniques when preparing to communicate with your audience
    • Context Data Flow Diagram
    • Decomposition Diagram
    • Entity Relationship Diagram
    • Glossary
    • Decision Tables and Decision Models
    • Flowcharts
    • Use Case Modeling
    • User Stories
    • Prototyping
  • Create the right analysis approach based on your stakeholder’s learning style
  • Confirm the analyzed requirements with stakeholders

Developing an Analysis Approach3.5 hours

  • Review elicitation and analysis techniques
  • Workshop – What is your Analysis Approach?
    • Work in groups to select techniques and determine your approach to a given case study (Students may use their projects)
    • Rate your outcome with the Analysis Checklist provided
    • Revise your approach as needed and present
  • Discuss success criteria for an analysis approach to getting started and/or moving your project forward
  • Discuss why you chose each particular elicitation and analysis technique in your approach
  • Define Excellent Requirements characteristics
  • Requirements Management: Organize and capture requirements
    • Describe why being more organized increases team agility
    • Distinguish the different levels of requirements categories and explain their area of focus
    • Describe the different kinds of requirements information that needs to be included in your requirements repository
    • Compare and contrast approaches for effectively organizing, filtering and reporting your requirements-related content

Swimming with the Sharks3 hours

  • Workshop – Swimming with the Sharks
    • Work in groups to create an approach for overcoming real world obstacles that effect projects
    • Describe key strategies for having difficult conversations with SMEs and maneuvering through office politics
    • Describe options for increased stakeholder engagement with a Quick Tip job aid
    • Discuss approaches to resolve conflicting needs, including prioritization options
    • Define methods for performing traceability and impact analysis

Course Summary.5 hour

  • Bringing it all together
  • Develop an Action Plan with next steps on the student’s current project

Appendix – Job AidsOptional

  • Elicitation Techniques – What, When & How
  • Elicitation Planning Worksheets
  • Tips for Ensuring Quality in the Context DFD
  • Risk Responses and Planning
  • Considerations for Analysis Checklist
  • Quick Tips: Stakeholder Engagement

Appendix - Overview of Application Development MethodologiesOptional

  • Discuss various methodologies for application development and their history
  • Learn which models are used in each methodology:
    • Waterfall, Agile, Iterative, Prototyping, Incremental Development, Spiral/RUP, RAD, Extreme Programming (XP), Object Oriented Methodologies, IDEF

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  1. Stacy M

    Very good class. I’ve been eliciting and writing requirements for a while, but all of the tools taught in this class will definitely help me. I especially enjoyed and learned from the Scope chapters.

  2. Foram P

    This training is perfect! I have learned to apply the content to my projects and learned how to prepare the structure of the entire BA process.

  3. Angela H

    I can’t think of anything that would improve this class. It was directed the way I learn so I felt engaged and was able to apply right away in our exercises the same principles. I am excited to apply these to my next project to keep them fresh in my mind. Thank you!

  4. Demetrius B.

    The training presented a robust combination of techniques, tools, terminology, and interactive activities that helped learners develop a strong foundation and approach to Business Analysis. The facilitator was creative and patient in helping the class understand the material and think analytically when faced with complex problems.

  5. Coleen P.

    Wonderful instructor. Wonderful content. I especially enjoyed how well it came together at the end–like i mentioned before, I retained so much more than I thought I would. I also feel encouraged to reach out if I have questions. And the checklists/guides are such a huge, huge relief.

  6. Tim M.

    Course was excellent with a lot of information delivered in a clear way. Particularly like the way people are engaged in the virtual classroom.

  7. Ashley L.

    The thought of a four-day online training made me hesitant but this training surpassed all off my expectations. It is well developed and well delivered.

  8. Hailey C.

    I loved the hands on group exercises. It not only helped me practice what I had just learned, but also helped with team building. I left the class feeling confident about starting my BA project and with new friends.

  9. Kristi W.

    I wouldn’t change anything about the training I received. Jacqueline did an incredible job and the skills I learned over the last few days will greatly improve my skills at work.

  10. Allie G.

    Overall the instructor and the class were great! I am interested in attending more B2T courses in the future.

  11. Trevor D.

    This was the best work sponsored training I have ever been to. The lessons learned can be applied from day one. This training demonstrated an alternative process for completing projects and how to utilize Business Analysts from what our company does now. I will be more effective and successful in my job because of this training.

  12. Kiran M.

    Kathy was a great instructor. She kept all the different types of students engaged throughout the course for four days. Very rare for a training class. I’m confident that I will take this knowledge & apply it to my projects moving forward. So, thank you Kathy for being a great, knowledgeable, & fun instructor.

  13. Abby Z.

    This was one of the best classes I’ve attended in my career. The material was immediately relevant to my day-to-day job, and I learned ways to incorporate some of the principles more broadly than I initially expected. I’m excited to continue to hone my analysis skills and to begin using a common methodology and glossary of terms with my colleagues!

  14. Mindy D.

    Ali did a fantastic job presenting the material. Although I’ve been in my job for quite some time, this is all fairly new to me. I can’t wait to have an opportunity to go back and review my book and start thinking of ways I might be able to implement some of the things that we talked about.

  15. Meredith H.

    I really enjoyed that we had the ability to use our real life projects in the training and not just the examples in the book. Having that flexibility helped us relate it more to our every day lives. Ali was a great instructor and kept us all engaged. She made sure that we understood the material before going on to the next subject.

  16. Rishoni A.

    Everything was perfect in my view [about this course]. Ali was a wonderful instructor.

  17. Alex G.

    I can’t think of a way to make this training more relevant. I learned so much, and really believe I can begin applying what I’ve learned right away.

  18. Dustin S.

    I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot – thank you for the great training!

  19. Kim D.

    I really like this training. I am new on this BA position and the playbook and the course materials are fantastic materials for my daily work life! Thank you!

  20. Kelly A.

    Being a manager of a BA team, this course very good in helping me ensure I’m following good standards and processes. This is a great course and will be recommending it to others. Great Job!!

  21. Jocelyn W.

    Greg was a great trainer. He had lots of practical experience to pull from to provide us with real job examples. The flow of the class was great and kept me engaged and learning, even during my afternoon slump. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

  22. Kayla H.

    I loved this training. The instructor was so knowledgeable and able to provide real world examples that made the material so much easier to understand and digest. I have already recommended this training to others.

  23. Tunde O.

    Since attending class, I have been able to apply the elicitation methods to deal with the clients during our effort to reduce the number of issues reported by re-visiting with and eliciting more requirements/feedback. This has helped to provide more details to QA and developers on what the client is having specific issues with. This was a good class with a great instructor and really helpful materials. Thank you.

  24. Chantel Y.

    Since attending class, we have been finishing up a project with the billing team. They have been left out of the process while their supervisor handled all of the questions and decisions. Due to personal reasons, the manager will not be returning. Now we are asking the billing team to get on board with the change when it officially goes live. I have used so many of the diagram and flowchart options in order to show them how it will affect their world. I use the user story template almost on a daily basis with the two groups I support in our jira tickets and grooming tickets. The elicitation questions have assisted in digging down deeper when having conversations with the business stakeholders. The billing team has never had to answer any of the “why” questions before so it’s been a struggle for them…but utilizing the techniques I learned in this training has made it easier for them.

  25. Cindy R.

    This training was very applicable when working on IT projects. I only do that sometimes but in my job many of these concepts are beneficial regardless of what your job consists of. I absolutely loved this training.

  26. Chantel Y.

    This training is definitely relevant to my job every day due to having to obtain my dream goal of being an agile business analyst. From the training, I feel confident in grooming the tickets and what deliverable I need to provide for the new project I was assigned. Before this class, I wasn’t sure. I would like to get certified through B2T and believe all of the classes that B2T offers would definitely make me even more of a valuable asset to my organization.

  27. Jo R.

    I think what was most important was the reassurance that I could apply more than one methodology to perform quality analysis in my work. That seemed to open my mind and provide me with the reassurance and confidence to pursue my analysis.

  28. Robert O.

    Overall, this class was a good overview of the materials and will be helpful in applying what is learned to the job.

  29. Sarah B.

    Sometimes you are blind to the industry when you have been working at one place for so long. In a way, this class was useful for benchmarking our company’s processes and understanding of how we should be doing things.

  30. Sarah B.

    We have many educational opportunities at my company but this class was by far the most informative and engaging class I have ever attended. I feel that it summed up years of what you learn on a job. I work with some long time cynical associates and even they talked about how they received benefit from the course. Thank you Ali!

  31. Rachel R.

    Jacqueline was great! She allowed healthy interaction among the class and opportunities to ask questions. The class was able to interject real world experiences to the example scenarios which helped with the understanding of the material. I would highly recommend this course to my peers.

  32. Michelle T.

    I would highly recommend this course to my peers. This class was not only great for those who are new to doing business analysis, but for those seasoned in the area. This course shows how and when different techniques could work, shows you different ways to document the requirements to be more user friendly, and is a great refresher into the core steps of what a BA does. Ali did a great job of providing real life examples or coming up with relatable scenarios into the core steps of what a BA does.

  33. Joseph C.

    The class was fantastic. I am not sure if there can be any areas of improvement. Each topic and exercise was directly relatable to my position. I loved that the instructor was able to provide the class with so many real life examples.

  34. Arien C.

    The class was really well put together. It provided plenty of real life scenerios that proved to be challenging which helped with learning the material. I would definitely recommend this class to other people even if they don’t handle requirements because I feel there are techniques in this class that can be beneficial for situations outside of work.

  35. Alexis C.

    After taking this class, I was working on a new process flow to develop between the company and our vendor and was able to create documents that helped define the process accurately and made sure everyone was invested in it’s success.

  36. Katie S.

    This class was very informative. While there was a lot of information, the activities that we did helped the information stick. The instructor was great and very helpful.

  37. Kimberly J.

    Excellent course and material!

  38. Tiffany V.

    This course is outstanding, even the tools I use daily were explained in greater detail and Kathy presented a new way to use them. This course changed my thinking and gave me a lot of useful ideas on how I can make improvements.

  39. Todd M.

    I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of our investment in the training and look forward to having B2T back again for more classes

  40. Ayisa T.

    I thought the class was great and Kathy was an excellent instructor. Having a combination of lecture, group assignments, and solo assignments was very effective in helping make the concepts and methods in the class more tangible.

  41. Charity K.

    It would have been a tremendous help to have had this training at the start of my Analyst career. Although, it will help with future projects, it would have started me off “right” in my work rather than scrambling to find out what steps to take.

  42. Saata S.

    Overall, Kathy was a phenomenal instructor and really cared about helping us grasp the concepts. And I feel like the topic I learned are very transferable outside of my current position. Thank you!

  43. Crystal A.

    Being new to both business analyst work, and my first project, I feel the training gave me the knowledge and confidence to take the reins and be able to ask for and get what I need in order to do my part of the current project, and be able to turn out some great work for the project group, such as problem statements, context data flow diagrams, and soon requirements. I am more confident in my role on the team, not only for my department, but for the business analyst group as well. I’m excited to keep moving forward with the B2T training class and course materials.

  44. James M.

    Nothing is needed to improve this course. I am going to take this training and try to improve myself with the knowledge and skills learned.

  45. Cindy S.

    On a daily basis, my work doesn’t require BA knowledge; however, after going through this course, I already see ways to use some of the information that we discussed in my job.

  46. Jessica P.

    Ali was an EXCELLENT instructor. I was really dreading being away from my desk for 4 days but she was great. I hope my company offers more opportunities to take classes with B2T and Ali.

  47. Sharnecia W.

    The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to break down the course into easy digestible pieces. I enjoyed the many group break out sessions. This helped solidify the course material that I learned. I would definitely recommend this course to others! It was a great class.

  48. Catherine P.

    Of the 4 days, the second day seem slow. I think this is because we worked on the same case study for too many application exercises. However, very minor criticism. This was one of the best courses I have ever attended. Our trainer was fantastic.

  49. Sharnecia W.

    I am a solutions Architect and this course was perfect for what I needed. I don’t have anything to add that would improve this training.

  50. Cari N.

    I currently have projects in flight that I am working on the business requirements. In documenting the requirements, this class showed me that I was working too much in the weeds on the business requirements and I had actually been doing the solution design. So, this class thought me to keep “what” we are trying to solve in the business requirements and not the “how” – the “how” comes into play when the solution requirements and then in the technical design documents.

  51. Anne A.

    This training was excellent. Since I am currently not in a BA role, it was not totally relevant to my job but it still offered significant value and skills that I can apply to my regular work with BAs, BSAs, SMEs, PMs and Developers

  52. Mari H.

    I work in IB reporting so I am not a BA. However, understanding the process and techniques and tools available to BAs will help me do my job. As a developer, we generally work with the prototypes but understanding the entity relationships, business requirements and sharing common languages presented in this class should help with our communication to our SMEs and BPs.

  53. Katie L.

    I thought the instructor communicated awesome real life scenarios that applied to the training. It helped me understand and relate to what was being taught. The atmosphere was an open forum, which lead to other business analysts to openly talk about their experiences.

  54. Cari N.

    I currently have projects in flight that I am working on the business requirements. In documenting the requirements, this class showed me that I was working too much in the weeds on the business requirements and I had actually been doing the solution design. So, this class thought me to keep “what” we are trying to solve in the business requirements and not the “how” – the “how” comes into play when the solution requirements and then in the technical design documents.

  55. Kelli D.

    This training was extremely helpful for me since I’m new to the BA position. I will be able to leverage my knowledge to stay more organized and build better business objectives and requirements.

  56. Holger W.

    I liked a lot that the class didn’t use PowerPoint. It kept us engaged in the learning stuff. I also enjoyed the group discussions and the whole learning environment.

  57. Cathleen C.

    “I used a lot of these techniques or was expected to use these techniques for my job before I even took a course. I see now what I did right and what I could have done much better. Also, I can just use some of these techniques in my everyday work, not just projects. This is a good course and I wonder if all the instructors are like Jacqueline she is BRILLIANT!!”

  58. Cathleen C.

    “I used a lot of these techniques or was expected to use these techniques for my job before I even took a course. I see now what I did right and what I could have done much better. Also, I can just use some of these techniques in my everyday work, not just projects. This is a good course and I wonder if all the instructors are like ours. She is BRILLIANT!!”

  59. Jeff C.

    The techniques and presentation in the class promoted great collaboration. It was a pleasure to take this class with valuable tools and techniques made readily available.

  60. Colleen H.

    I hope to see more courses offered by B2T. I felt the breadth and depth of instruction was phenomenal as were the instruction methods. Ali was enthusiastic and engaging and her attention to what we needed to learn was tremendous.

  61. Colleen H.

    I hope to see more courses offered by B2T. I felt the breadth and depth of instruction was phenomenal as were the instruction methods. Instructor was enthusiastic and engaging and her attention to what we needed to learn was tremendous.

  62. Todd S.

    Excellent job the instructor did a fantastic job of rotating the material to effectively hit all learning styles, while working through and reinforcing a great deal of information. By applying this knowledge I will be able to without a doubt deliver more value to my organization while strengthening my skillset.

  63. Todd S.

    Excellent job the instructor did a fantastic job of rotating the material to effectively hit all learning styles, while working through and reinforcing a great deal of information. By applying this knowledge I will be able to without a doubt deliver more value to my organization while strengthening my skill set.

  64. Michael B.

    The trainer was engaging and extremely knowledgeable. She was able to convey many examples in relatable way although the subject may not have directly correlated to the audience’s business. Best requirements training session I’ve had in my 20 yrs as a BA/BSA.

  65. Kelley S.

    I have taken several training classes on this topic and this has been the best class. I really enjoyed the interaction between teacher and students and applying exercises in class.

  66. Matthew S.

    Kathy is an amazing trainer. She provided relevant examples, walked through the coursework very logically, and spurred conversation of the material. I have to say that this was one of the best training courses, of any type, I’ve attended in a very long time.

  67. Sandra E.

    Elaine was an excellent and personable instructor. She made the class understandable and interesting. I’m not always a fan of group work in classes like this, but in the case of a business analysis class, I think it was vital.

  68. George D.

    I thought this class was excellent and Elaine did a fabulous job. The pace was great and it was very interactive. I enjoyed the fact that it gave me an opportunity to see how the analyst role works elsewhere in the organization. Overall, I was extremely happy with the class and plan to incorporate the skills that I have learned into my job.

  69. Phil J.

    I will confess that I was somewhat skeptical about this class – what can I really learn that I can take back and start using? However, this was one of the most comprehensive and value-added classes that I have attended in quite some time.

  70. Amy B.

    Kathy did a wonderful job of engaging the class and used multiple methods of learning. I enjoyed and learned a lot more from the class than I thought I would.

  71. Jim P.

    I think the class was fantastic. A lot of it was a refresher for me but it wasn’t tedious or boring. It reinforced old knowledge with improved context. I picked up some new tools and the course materials are a fantastic reference.

  72. Steven W.

    I think the training was delivered fantastically. I have never have had a more engaging virtual training. You are really setting the bar. Wow!

  73. Kellie D.

    This training was extremely helpful for me since I’m new to the BA position. I will be able to leverage my knowledge to stay more organized and build better business objectives and requirements.

  74. Sherrie W.

    I have taken a few BA training classes in the past and this particular class was by far the best I’ve had. The exercises were extremely helpful and I will definitely take the new concepts learned onto my next project.

  75. Kathleen B.

    This is a great training program, and I saw a lot of relevance to my job!

  76. Diana B.

    This is the 2nd time I have received BA training from B2T and am confident this is the best training group!

  77. Donnie H.

    I really like the tie back during certain exercises to current projects we maybe facing and how these techniques can be applied. It led to more “ah-ha” moments that provided a perspective on how I will take the tools and apply them to my job going forward.

  78. Donnie H.

    I think this class was one of the best I’ve ever taken. Kathy’s facilitation skills are wonderful – great teacher with fantastic content, reasoning behind what we learned and kept us very engaged!

  79. Greg D.

    No improvements needed. As a non-BA, I felt like the material was still beneficial and valuable for my role. I may not use as many of the techniques frequently, but understanding the content is vital as a potential consumer of these items.

  80. Carrie F.

    This training was spectacular! It is good for anyone in a business position the company – there is, of course, a great focus on business analysis, but there are other relevant topics that addressed project flow and management.

  81. Lori H.

    After taking this class, I used the Decomposition Diagram to clarify the business needs for a Product Support ticket that had been lingering for months due to lack of understanding what was needed. Using this diagram helped us all get on the same page and come up with a plan. It was a great way to break down everything. Thank you!

  82. Lori N.

    After taking this class, I was able to use the contextual diagramming techniques to help determine the content for a manual revision

  83. Lori H.

    I came into this class as a new analyst, formerly from QA testing, and got more new applicable knowledge than I had anticipated. It was a great class and our instructor was engaging and easy to learn from.

  84. Kristen H.

    I have made multiple process flows for different projects that I have been working on. Without this class, I would not have been able to understand the importance of having a process flow.

  85. Pearle M.

    The visual maps and diagrams taught in this class have made it easier (and quicker) for others to understand the data which has allowed me to focus more time on discussion and clarification.

  86. Catherine G.

    This was an excellent training course – the exercises and examples were outstanding at reinforcing the concepts learned.

  87. Michael G.

    Even though I am not in a BA role, this class has given me some tools to become more interactive (broaden my horizon) with the BA process. I will be able to assist the BA with different parts of the process as well as communicate more effectively.

  88. Judy W.

    This training was excellent! The instructor couldn’t be better – she was articulate, easy to listen to and consistently focused. She explained complex ideas in a practical, understandable manner. This event was well work the time and effort. Thank you!

  89. Ellie G.

    This training was fantastic! I hope my company brings in the second course very soon so I can continue to learn the analyst field.

  90. Stephanie K.

    This training was very relevant – I think we can learn a lot from this by leveraging templates and techniques, driving process standardization and more successful projects.

  91. Mike M.

    I think this training class will help me do a better job and more importantly be able to help others more. I can honestly say, I was never bored in the 4 days and that is a significant accomplishment when I thought I was pretty knowledgeable on the subject.

  92. Shelly W.

    I have been very impressed with this class, materials, instructor and facilitators and look forward to opportunities to take additional classes.

  93. Stef M.

    Absolutely fantastic class. Great interaction, examples, real-life experience. Playbook addition is super helpful and something I will use often.

  94. James P.

    Outstanding training, truly. The course was well prepared and presented. The content was very useful and appropriate – great learning opportunity! The virtual classroom management was seamless and any background coordination was transparent to users! I really can’t say enough good things about it from a content, utility, presentation and relevance perspective.

  95. Aaron O.

    Our instructor did a great job of keeping everyone engaged and on task. It keeps the learning more fun and less lecture. There was a lot of hands on items to apply our real projects towards. This class [EssSkills] was great.

  96. Deborah R.

    I have a project to migrate applications, written years ago which no one understands, to another platform. Because of this class, I was able to identify the BA steps that were needed, and to make a good case to get a BA on the team. I was able to lobby that the analysis needed to be completed before migrating the application, and put it in concrete steps.

  97. Deborah R.

    I have a BA that I am managing on my project. This class [Essential Skills for Business Analysis] will help me to create a business analysis plan with him and understand the output he will be delivering.

  98. Brittney B.

    Everything in this course is useful. Not only did I gain knowledge in many things, I was taught how to apply it daily.

  99. Dana H.

    I have really enjoyed the interactive learning. I have found this information to be a great foundation to start my BA career.

  100. Stella R.

    Excellent training. The facilitator did an excellent job keeping us active and participating. Her knowledge of the class plus her personal experience adds value to the training. Excellent facilitation skills. I would recommend this training to my peers.

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business analyst skills
Request Onsite
Length 4 days
Intended Audience

This course is designed for individuals from any discipline who are performing elicitation activities; business analysts, project managers, business systems analysts, product managers, product owners, system architect, process engineers, requirements engineers, or any other project team member. New practitioners will learn the tasks they are expected to perform and why each task is important. Experienced practitioners will adapt their skills and experience and learn new strategies to improve their requirements activities or ideas to help mentor others. This course may also be appropriate for individuals who manage analysis activities and business stakeholders who need a more in-depth understanding of the requirements process and deliverables.

Prerequisites None
Study Guide Essential Skills for Business Analysis Study Guide
Course Exam Essential Skills for Business Analysis Online Exam
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