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B2T Training has trained and equipped over 14,500 of the most successful and high performing business analysts in the field since 2000. Get your business analysis training from the most respected and highest qualified source of experts in the industry.

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Business analyst training courses developed to address the most common problems organizations face. Search for recommendations based on your profile.


Intense consulting sessions focused on a specific issue to enhance analysis skills or techniques. Work in-depth with a business analysis expert on your company’s project(s).


The perfect way to enhance your skill set and re-energize your analysis. Delivered in 1 or 2 hours to highlight topics of critical importance to your organization.

Apprentice Program

Build your team with skilled business analysis individuals who are supported by B2T Mentors through this unique, cost-effective program.

BA Health Check

Designed to help teams receive feedback on their current BA Practice, provide critical improvement areas and, if needed, determine the right course of action.


Effective coaching and mentoring can help teams improve. Learn how to drive more revenue by leveraging your business analysts.

Courseware Licensing

Do you develop and deliver training in house? Licensing our business analysis courseware and get your team trained faster with our comprehensive train-the-trainer program.

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Targeted content:
  • B2T Training 62%
  • Industry 50%
Applied skills within 30 days:
  • B2T Training 83%
  • Industry 70%
Increased quality of work:
  • B2T Training 80%
  • Industry 66%
Customer satisfaction:
  • B2T Training 53%
  • Industry 31%

The techniques and presentation in the class [Essential Skills for Business Analysis] promoted great collaboration. It was a pleasure to take this class with valuable tools and techniques made readily available.

Jeff C.

Intermediate Business Systems Analyst, Logistics Industry

I appreciate the level of information provided in this class [Detailing Business Data Requirements]. It was just the right level to be of value to a business analyst, not too high or too low in the weeds. It will allow me to communicate better with both the business as well as the technical team.

Diana B.

Senior IT Analyst, Insurance Industry

The trainer was excellent! She has great presentation skills and her explanation of the subject matter was thorough. I also really appreciated the “real world” examples that were used throughout to the training [Business Process Analysis].

Erica C.

Lead Business Systems Analyst, Insurance Industry

Wibbly Wobbly…Business Analysis Skills…Stuff

I’m a second-generation Dr. Who fan. For those of you who aren’t “Whovians”, Dr. Who is a Time Lord who crosses through space and time in his TARDIS – a time machine cleverly disguised as a bright blue phone box. In a classic scene, Dr. Who is attempting to describe...

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8 Virtual Facilitation Lessons Learned

A couple of years ago, our President, Kupe, called me about a class I was scheduled to teach. This particular class was Facilitating a Requirements Workshop, and I was set to deliver it to a group of students in the Northeast. The problem was, the client really wanted...

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Structured assistance for a wide range of business analysis tasks including defining requirements, validating requirements, and more.

Quick Tips

Sometimes you just need a quick answer or way to achieve a common goal. Quick tips are best practices based on expert experiences.


Take some of the complexity out of business analysis with our checklists for many business analyst activities.

White Papers

In depth research, experience, and advice from our experts on a wide range of business analysis topics.

Class Schedule

Complete listing of our upcoming publicly held live instructor-led in person or virtual classes.


Get the latest tips and advice from our business analyst experts and guest bloggers in our Business Analyst Blog.

BA Tools

Organize, share and define your requirements with modeling and analytical tools as well as repositories for sharing and tracing requirements.


List of recommended books for any business analysis professional serious about improving their skills or to have as a resource for future projects.

BA Store

Shop our online offerings for on-demand webinars, virtual mentoring, study guides, and more.

Business Analysis for Dummies

Companies today need business analysts so they can solve problems, take advantage of opportunities and make sure they are chasing the most cost-effective sotuions.

The good news is that the skills needed to address these concerns are learnable. We wrote the book on how to make the complex subject of business analysis easy to understand.

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