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Our transformative training programs empower your people to provide business value by solving the right problems, thinking innovatively, and responding confidently to the challenge at hand.

Agile and Business Analyst Training

Learn from our agile and business analysis training experts on how to take complex concepts and streamline them using techniques and tools to ensure you are building and delivering the right thing. Level-set your team and enhance your requirements analysis, critical thinking, value management, decision making, facilitation, elicitation, strategic thinking, process improvement, prioritization and collaboration skills.

Our courses emphasize realistic, hands-on practice, are taught by real industry experts, and reinforce the learning through our post-class Make Learning Stick program.

Agile Transformation and Maturity

Many organizations have embraced agile as an approach to deliver value faster. However, these organizations are recognizing that with agile, building the wrong things faster is very possible if you leave out a key component: understanding the real problem and evaluating the impact of the potential solutions before starting your sprint.

Learning & Development

Whether you’re looking to level-set your team or enhance your analysis skill set, we not only tailor our learning and development services to fit your needs, but we make sure the solution resonates with your team. Our experts will help your team learn to achieve better business outcomes by using “just enough” analysis to ensure you’re building and delivering the right thing.

Happy Clients

“The whole whole process has been fantastic. I rarely deal with a company that the promises made by the sales people actually flow through the whole process. Everyone has been fantastic to deal with, prompt with responses, easy to work with, and the students have loved both instructors!


“I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of our investment in the training and look forward to having B2T back again for more classes.”

Agile and Business Analyst Offerings

Business Analyst Training Courses


Courses developed in the areas business analysis, business agility, and digital innovation to address the most common problems organizations face.

Business Analyst Training Workshops


Intense consulting sessions focused on a specific issue to enhance analysis skills or techniques. Work with an expert on your company’s project.

Business Analyst Training Webinars


Enhance your skill set and re-energize your analysis. Delivered in 1 or 2 hour sessions to highlight topics of critical importance for your project or organization.

Business Analyst Training Coaching


Build upon your current skills and strengths. Delivered in a variety of ways throughout the learning process and beyond, including individual and team level support.

Business Analyst Training Health Check


Learn by experiencing a process in a fun, supportive environment that enables players to create effective strategies and practice the skills necessary to resolve conflict.

Business Analyst Training Licensing

Courseware Licensing

Licensing our business analysis courseware and get your team trained faster in-house with our comprehensive train-the-trainer program.

Meet Our Instructors

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Structured assistance for a wide range of agile and business analysis tasks.


A visual representation to use as a quick reference for agile business analysis topics.


Take some of the complexity out of business analysis with our checklists for many business analyst activities.

Quick Tips

Quick answers and best practices to achieve a common goal from our experts.

Class Schedule

Upcoming publicly held live instructor-led in-person and virtual classes.

Analysis Techniques List

A listing of the most widely used requirements analysis techniques.


A comprehensive, go-to reference of terms that anyone performing analysis should know.


Recommended books for reference and improving your analysis skills.

Tool Listing

Organize, share and define your requirements with modeling and analytical tools.

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ICAgile Accredited Education Provider
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