Writing Excellent Requirements



This workshop is for BAs who want to sharpen their communication skills for writing and structuring textual requirements clearly. Participants should bring samples of their requirements to the workshop, and they will work individually and in group exercises to restructure them into concise, written (excellent) requirements. Participants will work with fellow BA participants and a BA expert facilitator to conduct several levels of review resulting in more complete improved deliverables.

To gain value from the workshop participants must bring requirements sample documents to share, discuss and improve during the work session. It is recommended that computers are available for students to share, practice writing, and revise their documents.      


  • Review purpose and audience of each deliverable (requirements)
  • Review structure, flow and completeness of requirements
  • Practice revising non-excellent requirements


  • Length: 1 Day
  • Prerequisites: We recommend participants have attended our Essential Skills for Business Analysis class.
  • Recommended Size: Up to 12 (3 to 4 internal projects recommended)

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