Using Visualization to Write Better Requirements



Do you ever use visualization and modeling techniques to write better requirements? Organizational standards in some companies dictate that requirements must be captured in a textual format. Business Analysts have a wide variety of modeling techniques at their disposal to elicit and analyze requirements, but did you know that you can use these to write textual requirements? Rather than abandon graphical models and the value that they bring, analysts may choose to elicit and analyze requirements using various modeling techniques, and then to transform those models into textual requirements. This workshop will allow participants to bring in requirements that have been expressed graphically, and practice transforming those into text statements. Participants should bring models that they have developed for current or past projects.


  • Review of the four core components of requirements
  • Review of graphical modeling techniques (the number of techniques chosen for review will determine workshop length):
    • Context Dataflow Diagram
    • Functional Decomposition Diagram with Capability and Process Text Templates
    • Entity Relationship Diagram with Entity and Attribute Text Templates
    • Decision Tables and Decision Trees
    • Flowcharts/Activity Diagrams
    • Prototypes
  • Review standards for structuring text requirements
  • Present text requirements and receive feedback
  • Practice transforming models into text and writing better requirements


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