As I talk to folks about anything and everything related to the world of a BA there seems to be different point of views about requirements and solution sign-off.  I often hear that SME’s don’t want to “sign-off” on the requirements because they may change their mind.  Sign-off has become this dreaded milestone.  In many instances, sign-off is not the problem, but the symptom of something much worse.  The business and the IT solution team are not in sync.  Much of this is due to poor requirements management.  In my opinion, to help resolve the issue you need sign-off.

When I think of “sign-off” I do not only think of a physical signature on a large requirements package.  Depending on the project and the milestone, sign-off can be a thumbs up, an email, a physical or electronic signature on a document, and everything in between.

There is a critical reason for sign-offs throughout the project lifecycle.  At different stages of a project you need to take the opportunity to ensure you are headed in the right direction.  As an excellent Business Analyst you should constantly be verifying with your stakeholders that you understand the scope, business requirements, functional requirements, etc.  In addition, you need to make certain the solution team has enough information to deliver the best solution.

To be successful, you need to facilitate the process of delivering a quality solution to your customer.  Getting sign-offs of any flavor will help.

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