One of the unique aspects of the B2T Training Business Analyst curriculum is our focus on data requirements. Many of our customers initially tell us that their BAs don’t do data requirements. I think they are identifying and documenting data requirements without really knowing it. I don’t think that a BA can truly understand a business process without also understanding the information or data used to accomplish the process.

Many BAs document data as part of the business process or part of the Use Case. Our recommendation is that you document data in a separate part of the requirements package because it is often used in multiple places. Even if a project is small, I contend that there is always at least one data element that is used and the BA must communicate the requirements about that data element to their solution team. Where is the data element currently stored, what does it look like, who gets to change it, is it required?

Talking with SMEs about data and communicating these requirements to IT is a critical task of the Business Analyst. A requirements package that only includes process requirements is really just a half complete requirements package!

If you want to read more about data requirements download the issue of our magazine, the bridge, that focuses on this topic from our BA Resources Page.

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