I have found that many BAs cringe when talking about software testing. They don’t want to test and don’t seem to want to learn the basic testing principles. I fell in love with testing when I learned about the best practices and all of the techniques. When you are testing, your goal is to find problems. What other job encourages you to look for and point out problems?? The more problems you find the more successful you are! And of course, the ultimate goal of all quality assurance is to improve the quality of our solutions!

Five reasons that BAs should love testing:

1. Thoroughly testing (and fixing) the solution before deploying ensures that users will be very happy with your work.

2. Having testing principles in mind when developing requirements helps to improve every single requirement. If you are constantly wondering “How would I test this?” you are more likely to develop complete requirements.

3. Executing tests and investigating defects teaches you more about how software applications are created. If you don’t have a technical background this is a great way to learn more about what developers do and improve your communications with them.

4. Executing tests gives the BA a hands-on opportunity to imagine the best rollout strategy for your business stakeholders. When you have entered data into the software and generated reports, etc. you will easily be able to help the business area make the transition to the new system.

5. BAs learn to really appreciate SQA professionals and treat them better when they are available. Having been involved in testing, you will understand the work of SQA people and hopefully request them on future projects.

So, the next time you are asked to help with testing – smile and enjoy!!

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