Over the past few years I have been advocating that business analysis is a distinct profession, separate from project management, separate from development, separate from quality assurance. I believe that eliciting, and analyzing requirements; and making sure they are used to create a good quality solution is a full time job. I also believe that if an individual can focus on this type of work, they improve and become more proficient.

I also recognize the reality that many organizations expect employees to perform multiple roles. I understand that on small projects one person may be the BA, PM, QA and developer! So I am interested in the titles of people who are actually doing business analysis work. Some of these individuals are not aware of the IIBA or of the phrase we have decided to use to describe requirements work (business analysis).  We are working to use the title less, and the description of the work more, to reach out to individuals who would benefit by knowing about business analysis tools, techniques, and standards.

In addition, having strong problem solving, communication, and analytical skills will improve the productivity of most professions. These are critical skills to the success of every organization.

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