extraordinary baThe obvious difference between an ordinary and extraordinary BA is the “extra”. The word ’extra’ is the same as saying ‘in addition to’. Since everyone would like to be viewed as extraordinary, what can we do to make the jump – what can we each do ‘in addition to’ what we are doing today in our career?

As someone who thrives on having satisfied customers, it is critical for me to go the extra mile. This is typically a common trait in Business Analysts too. How I go the extra mile depends on several different factors. It’s not going to be the same for every account manager just like it’s not going to be the same for every Business Analyst.

If you are a more senior BA, your ‘in addition to’ is going to be very different than what is a reasonable extra as a new BA. As a Junior BA, my ‘in addition to’ might be to ask for a new, more challenging project to work on, experience more training on a new set skill, attend a first local IIBA Chapter Meeting, or asking to be mentored by a more senior BA to move out of my current comfort level. As a Senior BA, my ‘extra’ might include becoming a mentor to someone and growing through the experience, being a critical catalyst to establish a community of practice within the organization, speaking at a local or national conference….or even writing a blog. To determine an achievable goal, each of us needs to honestly evaluate our current individual skill set, mix in our own personal passion and available resources. Then take action!

Our Monthly Guide to Becoming a Better Business Analyst blog post annd related checklist have some great ideas for moving ahead in your career. 

There’s only one down side to taking the leap into the world of ‘extras’ – once we determine what our ‘in addition to’ is and begin to reach it, in time it will then become our new ordinary. And we will need to start the cycle over again….that’s the real journey during our career.

So, what is your “extra”? What will you do “in addition to” what you are doing today to define yourself and your true contribution?

Wishing everyone an extraordinary career!


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