My BA career came about quite naturally (before there was even a BABOK) as I have always been interested in the business side of the world, and I ended up being a ‘liaison’ between the business and IS.  My background included SNA – does anyone out there remember that? If not, here’s a history lesson! Systems Network Architecture is a proprietary IBM architecture and set of implementing products for network computing within an enterprise.  I started studying Asynch as it was needed for the Calgary Olympics, and then into TCP/IP in mainframes – another anomaly in those days!  From there into Service Management consulting, and running a couple of practices, then a Community of Practice, with members that were worldwide.  This led up to consulting in IBM’s General Business Unit, and that naturally led to BA type work.

I love working with the business and understanding their business problems (needs) and how technology could solve those problems.  I learned a valuable lesson in the late 90’s – that you need to affect a cultural change with a major technology change and that change would be harder than most of the technological changes!  Organizational Change management was not a profession yet, although Kotter’s 8 Steps to Change had been in place for quite a while!  Look here for more information:

This month I’ve seen a program that has been very well thought out, the Tuesdays with an Expert sessions were thought-provoking, and the webinars provided excellent speakers with very topical content.  Kaley is an excellent facilitator and the participants got very involved, providing lots of content and things to think about.  I appreciated the challenges and the fact that they pushed me out of my comfort zone!  This is my 5th blog I have ever written – who knew I had it in me!  I will close with a big thank you to the team and to my fellow challengers – this has been a very worthwhile month and I have learned a lot, gained new connections on LinkedIn, and have been challenged.  Thank you!

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