Hot off the Presses from the IIBA® is the new Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) Handbook with some helpful information if you are considering IIBA® certification. The Handbook includes a good overview of the IIBA, the certification requirements, exam preparation recommendations, as well as the Knowledge Area percentages used for the new v2.0 of the exam (see some excerpted material below):


Suggestions for CBAP® Exam Preparation

The following are recommendations from IIBA® on how to prepare for the CBAP® exam. Note that following these recommendations does not guarantee passing the exam.

·         Review the IIBA® BABOK®.

·         Review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the IIBA® Web site.

·         Review recommended resources on the IIBA® Web site.

·         Attend training, as needed.

·         Find opportunities in day-to-day work to practice tasks by following the BABOK®.

·         Find a Business Analysis mentor.

·         Join a study group.

·         Network on the IIBA® forum and/or attend local IIBA® Chapter meetings.

·         Review available study guide(s). 

The CBAP® exam is 3.5 hours long and consists of 150 multiple choice questions with four possible answers to select from. Some questions are based on “comprehension” (e.g., definition, recall, etc.) and others are based on “situational analysis” (e.g., given a scenario, which is the best course of action) where the applicant must do a bit of analysis to arrive at the answer. It is neither all of one type or the other but covers a range of Blooms Taxonomy.


Exam blueprints based on v1.6   exam versus new. v2.0 of the BABOK®:

v1.6 BABOK®  Knowledge Area

Percent of Questions

V2.0 BABOK® Knowledge Area

Percent of Questions

Enterprise Analysis


Enterprise Analysis


Requirements Planning and Management


Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring


Requirement Elicitation




Requirements Analysis and Documentation


Requirements Analysis


Requirements Communication


Requirements Management and Communication


Solution Assessment and Validation


Solution Assessment and Validation


13 6/30/2009


Click here to view the entire handbook now.

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