If you have not read Part I and II of this blog series feel free to take a look.  At the end of Rocky II Rocky wins the title of heavyweight champion.  He is now very wealthy and defends his title 10 times.  In the beginning of Rocky III a real contender wants a piece of Rocky Balboa.  His name…Clubber Lang.

Stay Hungry
Rocky has been living the good life for some years now beating up on has-beens and raking in the cash.  When Clubber Lang comes along Rocky is not ready.  While Clubber was training to win, Rocky had his training sessions at a hotel taking pictures with fans, selling merchandise.  Doing everything, but training.  Rocky was not hungry.  He was the champ, what can stop him.  Well, Clubber Lang stopped him.  Rocky was not prepared and lost badly.

As BAs we always need to be prepared.  Every initiative we work on is different.  Just because we may have broad experience and a history of success we need to stay hungry.  Think of your next project as Clubber Lang.  Always remember to be prepared and have the eye of the tiger!

Don’t be afraid of Change
After Rocky’s loss to Clubber Lang, the great manager, Mickey Goldmill, died of a heart attack.  In a bizarre turn of events Rocky went to train with his old rival Apollo Creed to take another stab at Clubber. In the first bought Apollo noticed how slow Rocky was and that he needed some quickness to avoid the thundering blows from Clubber.  Apollo had Rocky focus on techniques that helped him move his feet.  Initially Rocky was clumsy and struggling through these techniques.  He was obviously frustrated.  To try and motivate Rocky, Apollo tells him “it takes a real man to change.”  That was one piece that helped Rocky excel to another level and eventually defeat Clubber Lang.

My new saying now is “It takes a real BA to change.”  I have said before we have to continuously learn and adapt to tackle the next project or situation.  Yes it will be frustrating at times, but the rewards are huge.  Don’t be afraid to makes mistakes.  Those are the best learning opportunities.  And don’t just talk with people that approach things like you do.  Find people at your local IIBA chapter or in your company that have a different style or take an alternative approach to situations.

In the next installment we travel to Russia with Rocky.  Make sure you have your passport!

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