The Project Manager and Business Analyst Partnership



The line is sometimes fuzzy between a project manager and a business analyst on a project. This workshop is an opportunity for project managers and business analysts to share and discuss their roles and responsibilities and how they will best collaborate to bring success to their projects. Participants will pair up to discuss differences and opportunities for improvement. As a group, ideas will be discussed and suggestions will be provided by the BA expert facilitator.

Participants should bring enough current project information to discuss individual roles and responsibilities and key tasks within the project plan.


  • Brainstorm differences between project managers and business analysts
  • Discuss project specific role, responsibilities, and tasks
  • Identify overlaps, gaps, and areas of confusion
  • Leave with a plan on a preferred method of project interaction


  • Length: 4 Hours
  • Prerequisites: We recommend participants have attended our Essential Skills for Business Analysis class.
  • Recommended Size: Up to 12 (3 to 4 internal projects recommended)

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