Teresa Dussault

Senior Instructor, MBA, PMP


Cooking, reading, painting, writing, and almost anything that has me outside, including running, hiking, kayaking, camping, walking my dogs, and gardening

First Real Job

Project management assistant at a construction company

Favorite Food

I’m a pretty adventurous and non-picky eater. I appreciate something made with care and fresh, flavorful ingredients.

Best Advice Ever Received

Personal development is like an onion: there’s always another layer to peel.


Teresa Dussault leverages deep experience in project management and business operations to help others bring their ideas to life. Her professional career spans a variety of industries, including retail construction, healthcare and public health, non-profit, publishing, and training. In the classroom, she has a knack for simplifying complex concepts and helping students understand what’s truly important about a specific topic area. As B2T Lead Expert and Instructor, Teresa enjoys the opportunity to bring her operations and business experience together with her training and adult learning expertise. Her creativity and positive attitude allow a fresh perspective and unique spin in the classroom as well as to her course development role.

Teresa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Master of Business Administration, both from Emory University. She also holds the Project Management Professional Certification from the Project Management Institute.

Student Comments

Teresa helped me reach a new height of ability. Thank you for staying true and so helpful of others.

Teresa is excellent, kind, and smart. I liked how she encouraged collaboration and participation during class!

Teresa is very knowledgeable, amicable, positive and inclusive.

Teresa is new to our team so stay tuned for more 5-star reviews as she helps our students transform!

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