Facilitated Session Template Package

Want to make sure you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s before and after facilitating a requirements workshop? Use these templates to ensure you are not only prepared, but walk away from the sessions with completed objectives.

Happy Meeting Box Template

Having trouble accomplishing your goals during meetings? This template can be copied and pasted into your meeting invitation. Includes usage suggestions to guide you on the information needed to ensure you adequately set meeting expectations and that you and your team are prepared.

Get Out of the Elicitation Rut

It’s hard for me to believe that next month is my 9 year anniversary with B2T.  During that time, I’ve seen and heard a lot in the classroom.  Some of it is amusing, some of it is encouraging, and occasionally, some of it is surprising. I’ve recently been surprised by...

When is Analysis Complete? When You’re Finished!

When I teach a class, I’ll ask the students to tell me what they consider to be their pain points and issues with performing analysis. One that seems to come up quite frequently is knowing when you are done. They’ll ask, “How much detail do you have...

Stop doing final document review meetings!

That’s right, I said it. Stop doing final document review meetings. They take a lot of time and effort to plan, time to get people in the meeting, manage people’s schedules, and then facilitate the final meeting itself. When the document is one of those...
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