Careers Current Openings Request Info We currently are looking to fill openings for our Operations Assistant and Instructor positions. Please review the job descriptions and apply accordingly. We look forward to receiving your application. Operations...

Elaine McGowan

Elaine McGowan Senior Instructor, BA Certified Request Info Hobbies Travel, walking/jogging, reading First Job Sales clerk at a local store Favorite Food Bananas foster or anything Mexican Best Advice Ever Received Always strive to do your best in whatever you do! Bio...

Heather Mylan-Mains

Heather Mylan-Mains Senior Instructor, CBAP Request Info Hobbies Travel, exploring amusement parks, reading, photography, learning First Job A clerk at a drug store Favorite Food anything Mexican Best Advice Ever Received “Promise me you’ll always...

Greg Busby

Greg Busby Senior Instructor, BA Certified, CBAP Request Info Hobbies Singing and performing, farming, and fixing stuff First Job Doing the inventory control software for in-store computers for McDonald’s restaurants Favorite Food Pizza and burgers Best Advice Ever...

Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman

Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman Senior Instructor, BA Certified, CBAP, PMP, SAFe Agilist (SA) Request Info Hobbies Travel the World First Job Burger King drive-thru window, and I refuse to be an order taker ever since …. Favorite Food Cherries Best Advice Ever...

Pam Swent

Pam Swent Senior Instructor, BA Certified, CBAP Request Info Hobbies Traveling, hiking, weight lifting (low weights), socializing, knitting First Job COBOL/JCL teacher at a technical school Favorite Food It’s a toss up between sushi and pasta Best Advice Ever...

Kathy Claycomb

Kathy Claycomb Senior Instructor, BA Certified, CBAP Request Info Hobbies Camping, cooking, cooking while camping, hiking, gardening, underwater photography, needle arts, home remodeling projects First Job The first one I got paid for was typing papers in college, but...

Kent McDonald

Kent McDonald Senior Instructor Request Info Hobbies Visiting all 58 National Parks in the United States First Job Sorting returned bottles and cans at a local grocery store. (Nothing like coming home from work smelling of stale beer and cigarettes when you are 14...

Ali Cox

Ali Cox Senior Instructor, BA Certified, CBAP, PMP, SAFe Agilist (SA) Request Info Hobbies Swimming Tennis Watching football Reading Craft beer First Job Staff accountant Favorite Food Sushi Best Advice Ever Received Find peace. Bio Alison (Ali) Cox has experience...
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