9 Things to Avoid When Being Agile

Agile is extremely flexible and gives every organization and team a lot of leeway as to how they achieve the guiding principles and values. Trial and error is a key component of agile. It encourages taking risks, making mistakes, learning, and then adjusting quickly....

Collaboration Model Template

Defining your collaborative model is invaluable, easy to orchestrate, and doesn’t take much time. This template includes usage suggestions for your team to ensure roles are communicated, expectations and handoffs between roles are discussed and each team member’s contribution is known.

The PM/BA Partnership Workshop

The Project Manager and Business Analyst Partnership Workshop Request Info Overview The line is sometimes fuzzy between a project manager and a business analyst on a project. This workshop is an opportunity for project managers and business analysts to share and...

Ask The Right Questions Webinar

Asking questions is at the core of performing business analysis and the “correct” answer to this question is as varied as the projects analysts are involved with and the techniques they utilize.

What Happened to Teamwork?

We live in an interesting time.  Kids are growing up, not with a silver spoon, but rather a titanium iPhone. The older generation, mine, question what impact this will have on the younger generation’s ability to communicate using their mouth and ears and not their...

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