Here are 13 signs that “stuff” isn’t getting done on your projects….how many of these have happened to you?

(1/13) You get partway through the project, and have to back up because you discover another stakeholder:
(2/13) You deliver exactly what the users asked for, but it doesn’t solve their problem:
(3/13) The team constantly revisits decisions:
(4/13) You have “squeaky wheel” syndrome, where one or more strong personalities dominate discussions and decision:
(5/13) You can’t make progress because you’re too busy dealing with change requests:
(6/13) Users can’t get the reports or information they need:
(7/13) You bought the package….but it doesn’t do exactly what you thought it would…:
(8/13) Everything works great unless the user makes a mistake or does something unexpected with the software:
(9/13) Something upstream or downstream blows up when you implement your project:
(10/13) You have to chase your stakeholders down to get them to work on the project:
(11/13) It’s harder (or takes longer) for users to do their jobs after the solution is implemented:
(12/13) It took so long to roll the solution out that it’s no longer needed or useful in its current form:
(13/13) Everybody agreed to the requirements, but blamed them at the end when something didn’t work the way they expected:


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