Stop The Insanity: Establish a Business Analysis Approach

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Does your business analysis approach leave you feeling like you keep doing the same thing and expecting different results?

You have seen the titles of presentations at conferences promising ways to do things better, faster, cheaper, such as “How to Get the Speed You Need w/o Sacrificing Quality.” Titles like this lead you to believe you are about to receive a silver bullet. You expect a best practice, but get something that worked really well in theory, or in one unique situation. In reality, no one can give you an approach that will help in every situation. Best practices are a myth and blindly implementing them will cause insanity. You’ll find yourself saying “it worked so well for them, why not me?” While it’s helpful to know what people have found helpful, you also have to know in what context those approaches worked.

If you really want to do things better, faster, and cheaper, you just need to stop the insanity (i.e. doing things that are not appropriate for your situation). This session guides you through ways you can critically think about your projects and determine how to get started or how to move forward.  The session will also simulate the start of a project and ask how to approach it, along the way learning how to differentiate between smart, and insanity.

The better you get at focusing on the things that are needed and stop doing the things that aren’t, the more effective you will be on your project teams.  It’s about using the appropriate practices for every situation you find yourself in.


  • Learn how to use project characteristics, people, and process to determine what business analysis tasks are needed for your situation.
  • Understand the why, what, and how much to do for a number of widely used business analysis techniques.
  • Learn new ways to help explain/sell your approach to stakeholders.


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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