B2T Tip

We created a CBAP study group to discuss the BABOK in our organization. Here’s how we structured it and what we learned:

  • Assign each Knowledge Area to one or two BAs – they will facilitate the session on their KA
  • Schedule 1 1/2 hours per session
  • Schedule dates/KAs ahead to give everyone time to prepare
  • Require participants to read the Knowledge Area before the session
  • Present BABOK tasks and ask for questions/issues
  • Presenter(s) shares his or her experience with each task and technique

Since everyone in our group knows each other we are aware other’s experiences. Our facilitators specifically pointed out ideas in the BABOK that were different than our experience.

Q & A

Q: What materials are used for the study group sessions?

A: We built PowerPoint slides with highlights of each task/technique. The Atlanta chapter has been sharing slides so we did not have to start from scratch. My advice is don’t just copy text from the BABOK onto a slide. Paraphrase and summarize the concepts.

Q: How often should a study group meet?

A: Our group met every two weeks. The schedule should be geared towards when participants plan to take the exam.

Q: Is anyone “in charge?”

A: Yes. One person must be the coordinator. He or she makes sure that facilitators are ready for each session, reserves the conference room or conference bridge, and monitors the meeting time.

Q: Who decides how topics are covered?

A: We just started at the beginning of the BABOK and went through sequentially. Don’t forget Chapter 1 – it has important foundational information.

Let us know if you have any questions about starting your own study group.

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