Getting Your Stakeholder Communication Plan Right

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Having an effective stakeholder communication plan starts with stakeholder analysis. The generally accepted definition of Stakeholder Analysis is “the work to identify the stakeholders who may be impacted by a proposed initiative and assess their interests and likely participation.” Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, a stakeholder communication plan it isn’t that easy. It goes beyond this simple assessment and includes additional, more in-depth analysis. Which stakeholders are affected by an initiative share a common business need? What is the resulting impact for each stakeholder? What is each stakeholder’s goals/hopes for the project outcome? What is the appropriate level of engagement? How can we get stakeholder communication right? All of this and more needs to be considered to ensure the right project solution is delivered and accepted.

This presentation covers an approach to consider the appropriate techniques to use for each stakeholder and stakeholder group and the best communication plan for each. Attendees will receive a Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet to enhance their own stakeholder analysis efforts.


  • Define the steps in Stakeholder Analysis
  • Assess concerns for each stakeholder
  • Approach to develop a stakeholder communication plan


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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