This is the second post in a four part series that originally was written for the IIBA newsletter.  Enjoy!

In my last post, Social Media 101: Building Your Knowledge Network, I touched on getting started with Social Media and building your knowledge network.  In 101 I focused on Twitter and LinkedIn.  There is a lot to explore and many people to connect with in those areas.  But wait, there are other services that need to be discussed. In Social media 201 I want to explore Google and Facebook.


Google has two areas that I use for my knowledge network, Google+ (Google Plus) and Google Reader. Let’s start with Google+.

For following individuals, in addition to Twitter and LinkedIn, I also suggest you enter the world of Google+.  Google+ is Google’s version of Facebook.  First let’s address terminology and codes you’ll see with Google+.  Just as Twitter uses the @ sign preceding a username, Google+  uses “+”.  And just as Facebook uses “Like” to indicate you like something someone said or posted, Google Plus uses “+1”.

Google+ is another great service to get pointed to great articles, blogs, books and general BA news.  Just like other social media services there is a lot of “noise” as the people you are following are posting updates at a fast rate.  The concept is similar to other services where you follow people so you can see what they are posting. The beauty of Google+ is there concept of circles.  You can create circles of people that you are following so you can filter what posts you see and who you share your posts with.  I bet you can guess I have a circle called Business Analysis.  All people in the BA community that I am following go into that circle.  If I post a BA related post, I post it to my BA circle.  If I am looking for BA information, I select to see posts from people in my BA circle.  Go to and get started now. Connect with there, +Kupe, and I’ll add you to my circles.

Google Reader, unlike the other services I have been talking about, is not interactive.  But it is a great way to see information posted about business analysis or other topics.  Google Reader has the concept of subscriptions.  You create subscriptions based on keywords.  Google Reader displays articles, blogs and other news related to that keyword.  This is a good way to have one place to see relevant material.


Part of your knowledge network goes beyond our profession.  It should include learning about the business you are in, or the domain you represent, and the latest and greatest solutions available being used.  Although Facebook is about friends keeping up with friends, when it comes to my knowledge network I use Facebook to follow, or in Facebook terms “Like”,  companies that relate to the business I am in, ones that may provide solutions for the opportunities we have.  For example, I “Like” the company that licenses our customer relationship management (CRM) system. Just based on the number of registered users on Facebook most likely you have an account and are “Friends” with many people.  But, are you “liking” company pages?  Companies that are active in Social Media probably have a Facebook page.  Search for their page in Facebook using the standard search option.  Once you find the company or companies you are looking for “Like” the page.  You will find the “Like” button underneath the cover photo at the top of the page.  By “liking” them you will see the company updates in your Facebook timeline.  Interact with them by commenting on their posts.

There you have it.  Now you have 5 services you can be using to build and strengthen your knowledge  network.  In Social Media 301, I’ll talk about ways to manage the information and help you become part of someone else’s knowledge network.

If you have not already connected with me on LinkedIn and Twitter, please do so.  Now you can also connect with me on Facebook and Google+, +Kupe.  I’m looking forward to sharing information with you soon!

All the best,

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