“How do I get a junior level BA position?”  This question is one I get often from individuals looking to become Business Analysts.  Unfortunately, there is no magic pill and the path may be different for everyone. Here is the advice I have for those looking to become Business Analysts.

  • Network: You need to start meeting BAs or people that hire BAs.  Join your local IIBA chapter.  Being part of a BA professional organization lets people know you are passionate about the role. Talk to recruiters that place BAs.  Let everyone who will listen know that you want to be a BA.  You’ll begin to understand what companies are looking for in a Business Analyst.  You’ll also see which companies are dedicated to the role. Those are the ones you want to pursue.
  • Rework your resume:  I can almost guarantee that even if you have never had the title of a Business Analyst, or something close, you have performed tasks and used techniques required of a BA.  Highlight the BA type skills you have on your resume.
  • Get educated:  There are many ways to accomplish this.  You can read books, find a BA mentor, attend IIBA meetings, or find a training provider that will meet your needs.
  • Look at your current company first: A great way to make a transition into a BA role is within your current company.  Let your manager know that you are interested in making a move and hopefully your manager will work with you to get the right opportunities.  This is how I broke into the role.  I was a SME for years before I became a Business Analyst.

I would love to hear how you broke into the role and any advice you may have for others.

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