Last week, I had the pleasure of accompanying Kupe, our President, to the Business Analyst World Conference in Dallas. After the first night of the conference, the local chapters held their monthly meeting – Kupe presented his Business Analysis is Dead, Long Live Business Analysis presentation. During his presentation, he let everyone know that BAs are no longer the bridge. When I first heard Kupe says this my interest was piqued because I always used that analogy to explain what my company teaches. I needed to know what my new elevator speech was going to be. As Kupe elaborated, I understood his message…that there are certain circumstances that a BA still needs to play the traditional communication bridge role, but a good BA needs to be focused more on the business problem or opportunity and the work needed to design the solution and less on being the bridge.

After returning from the conference, Kupe wrote a blog to share his point of view on why to Stop Calling Yourself the Bridge.

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