Selling Leadership on More than the Idea of Agile

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In order for an agile transformation to be successful, there needs to be an organization-wide acceptance and adoption of the agile mindset. But what do you do when your leadership has only bought into the idea of agile and doesn’t understand the reality? I have found that there are two common misunderstandings that can affect how leadership approaches agile.

The first is that leadership translates “agile” into meaning, “We are going to use the same people and keep all of our waterfall culture and top-down thinking, but just by adapting a few ceremonies we are going to go ‘FASTER’.” – Wrong!

The second kind of leadership misunderstanding is that they keep their “I want it ALL!” mindset and ignore MVP, backlog prioritizing, and focusing on high value. It is hard for leadership to understand that saying they want to embrace agile also means having to embrace being told, “No, you can’t have everything when you want it”.

Does your leadership fall in one of those two groups? If so, you understand all too well the challenge of selling them on the fact that in order to really facilitate the organization to leverage and receive the full benefits of agile, they HAVE to change their mindset. Join me for a session full of strategies and recommendations to target a leadership team that needs to understand the realities of an agile environment and how their buy-in and support is required to make it work!


  • Learn the importance of an organization-wide acceptance and adoption of the agile mindset
  • Identify the common thought processes that prevent leadership from buying into the agile mindset
  • Learn specific strategies for selling management on a mindset change


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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