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Access the Requirements Elicitation & Review Exam Quiz

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This quiz has a time limit of 480 minutes
  1. Which of the approaches below would best address gathering information from hundreds of users at multiple remote sites?
  2. Requirements can be gathered by doing research. Research can be conducted through:
  3. Of the following approaches to gathering business requirements for a complex process with one or two individuals, which is the preferred approach?
  4. If you are working on a project that is extremely political and you need to understand project objectives and high-level requirements of the two driving SMEs, what communication technique would you recommend?
  5. You’ve been asked to help create a unified process for reviewing and approving expense reports in your organization. Currently, each major division is performing the process differently. You want to come up with best practices within your organization or industry. What elicitation technique would be most helpful?
  6. Active listening requires:
  7. You are preparing to conduct interviews with key domain subject matter experts. Which option below IS NOT something you would do?
  8. Which of the following questions is close-ended?
  9. A subject matter expert replies to your question with these comments: “Improved customer service is one of our top corporate initiatives. We would like to have more information available about our customer preferences. We need to capture customer buying history to predict future purchases. Our inventory levels have been way off this past year.” From the options below identify which level of subject matter expert would most likely know this information?
  10. Which one of the following IS NOT considered a rule of Brainstorming?
  11. From the options listed below choose the best approach to gather information from 10 to 12 sales managers located nearby at your division headquarters.
  12. Which of the following statements describes a requirement?
  13. Using silence as a communication tool IS NOT appropriate in which of the following scenarios?
  14. Which one of the following techniques would be most appropriate when working with a group to prioritize, evaluate, or group options from a facilitated session?
  15. The manager of your Customer Support area has come to you for help. Her month-end call summary is showing a spike in call duration between the hours of noon and 2 pm central time on weekdays. She wants to get to the bottom of this. What type of data mining activities could you perform to help her?
  16. You have been asked to elicit requirements from users in various locations. What do you do first?
  17. Which description listed below best characterizes a Focus group elicitation technique?
  18. Document Analysis is:
  19. You have been assigned to a project to determine the edits in an accounts payable software system. However, the programmer who coded the application is no longer with the company, and neither are the domain subject matter experts that originally provided the requirements. Which of the following should you do first:
  20. Selecting the right elicitation technique includes determining the best fit for the individual or group from which you will be eliciting requirements. Considerations that would impact your decision include:

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