Quality Assurance and Building Requirements: Thinking of the “What If” Test Scenarios

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Testing efforts through the use of test scenarios ensure that the solution delivers on its requirements. In contrast, Quality Assurance ensures that a solution meets the needs of its audience, and it does this by focusing efforts on preventing defects or avoiding problems. Sadly, for the business analysis discipline, the primary source of defects or problems in a solution is the requirements! Sometimes QA finds that the requirements are wrong or incorrectly stated; but often the problem is that we missed requirements altogether.

There are a number of approaches that can help with the problem of missing requirements, including process decomposition, stakeholder analysis and interface analysis. But by far, one of the most effective approaches is “What If” analysis. “What If” analysis can help you build quality requirements because it provides a means for identifying requirements that are related to scenarios either so uncommon, or so typically routine, that, in either case, stakeholders neglect to mention or elaborate on them.

This session will provide you with techniques and strategies for thinking of – and thinking through – the different “What If” scenarios that are relevant to your business — and therefore critical for you to capture in your requirements — in order to ensure you will deliver the quality solution needed by your stakeholders.


  • Explain the process and value of “what if” analysis in understanding user behavior and getting beyond the “happy path”
  • Create “what if” examples or test scenarios, and use them to dig deeper to identify “devil in the details” requirements
  • Explain why “finding exceptions” is a good outcome from using “what if” scenarios; identify what else you’d need to find out to realize a great outcome


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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