Validating Your Requirements for Project Solution Success

Webinar | Seminar


Did you know the cost to correct a software defect may be as high as 2,900 times the cost of getting it right the first time? Many project team members struggle with understanding what they should be focusing on, whom to involve on their projects, and what to do to achieve success on their project. As a result, projects are often not successful; they suffer scope creep, go over time, go over budget, the results are ‘off’ and the project solution does not meet the need.


This can be avoided by effectively validating your requirements to ensure they conform with the objectives, scope, and organizational standards and strategies. Project deliverables must meet the needs of the project and have acceptance criteria clearly defined so we know if we met the requirements.

This session will present a framework for approaching your project from a business analysis perspective. From scoping to ‘ready’ to develop, our framework provides structure to identify what it takes to deliver a successful project solution.


  • Define the project scope
  • Determine your team’s approach to tackling the scope
  • Create models to help determine and communicate requirements
  • Determine acceptance criteria to make sure you hit the target


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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