Remote Facilitation

Download PDFRemote facilitation with participants in various locations and potentially different countries, can add an additional level of complexity. This course provides proven approaches to ensure that all members are engaged so that requirements can be effectively obtained from the group, decisions made, and consensus obtained for the goals of the session. Remote facilitation requires even more planning than a traditional face to face workshop, and this course has actionable recommendations and job aides to make the session a success.

Students will practice remotely for more than 70% of the class time on real-world business case studies and role play each key role in a facilitated session so that they are comfortable to facilitate a workshop after class. The expert instructor/facilitator will ensure that the environment is a “safe” one to practice and provide personalized feedback as needed.

This course supports and expands on the techniques in the IIBA BABOK® and the ICAgile’s Agile Value Management track.

Learning Objectives

  • Facilitate a requirements workshop using proven techniques for virtual requirements elicitation
  • Develop confidence and a skill set to conduct requirements workshops with remote participants
  • Use a requirements planning session template
  • Perform various facilitation roles through role playing each session

Course Outline

Introduction1 hour

  • Define requirements facilitation
  • Review guidelines for requirements facilitators
  • Explore techniques for facilitating across distance
  • Student Workshop: Learn to address common virtual challenges (Instructor will demonstrate virtual requirements gathering techniques)

Session Feasibility.5 hour

  • Review facilitation techniques and discuss virtual approaches. Students will be asked to pre-read sections and come prepared with questions.
    • Brainstorming
    • Consensus building
    • Visualizing
      • Flowcharting
      • Storyboarding
  • Discuss the use of ground rules, parking lots, and issue logs in virtual sessions

Student Workshop5 hours

  • Plan and co-lead a session to teach and utilize various facilitation techniques as assigned by the instructor
  • Personal feedback will be provided to drive skill development

Preparing for a Facilitated Session.5 hour

  • Prepare for a virtual session:
    • Outline the goals and requirements deliverables
    • Select session participants and determine if pre-session interviews are appropriate
    • Prepare facilities and technology
  • Student Workshop: Utilize the Session Plan Summary Template, Session Plan Template, and Session Agenda Template to plan and prepare for a facilitated session. May require additional time outside of class to prepare.

Student Workshop6.5 hours

  • Conduct a 20 minute virtual requirements workshop using the plans developed in the prior student workshop
  • Produce a requirements deliverable using one or more of the facilitation techniques learned in class
  • Personal feedback will be provided to drive skill development

Course Summary.5 hour

  • Student Workshop: Collaborate to identify “takeaways” from class
  • Develop an Action Plan with next steps on the student’s current project

Job AidsOptional

  • Techniques for Facilitated Sessions
  • Common Challenges for Virtual Meetings
  • Applying Elicitation Techniques in a Virtual World

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  1. Cari N.

    I was pleased that this wasn’t “just another facilitation” course. The “remote” piece is very real world for us and gave me the opportunity to try some new tools and techniques.

  2. Allison J.

    I thought the training was excellent, and Ali was a fantastic trainer! I learned some new things I can begin using right away.

  3. Brenda E.

    Since attending class, I have been able to incorporate proper agenda’s to my meetings and then using the agenda, prepare notes (meeting minutes) and send them back out for approval to the appropriate parties.

  4. Pennie S.

    This class was extremely helpful. We had a lot of discussion around how to deal with situations we face on our jobs every day. The actual role play was a very important part. I believe everyone in the group gained knowledge from this class.

  5. Whittaker K.

    I wouldn’t change anything in this class. We discussed techniques and then applied all of them. It was a great class and I learned a lot. It forced me out of my comfort level which I am very thankful.

  6. Maria P.

    It is always scary trying new training companies, but B2T has been one of the best I’ve ever worked with. The technology used is cutting edge, the interaction and level of preparation was exceptional. I want to take more classes!

  7. Shelly W.

    Generally, I am very reserved in the interactive/role-playing environment, but I found the material “real” enough to play along and as challenging as it was to do, I found it to be very valuable and look forward to reviewing additional opportunities.

  8. Caitlin H.

    Really loved this class – it was a lot of fun and very informational. I feel confident I could facilitate a meeting now.

remote facilitation
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Length 2 days
Intended Audience

This course is designed for individuals gathering requirements gathering remotely. Students are expected to understand the role of business analysis.

Prerequisites None
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