Avoiding Data Analysis Pitfalls On-Demand Webinar



Data Analysis isn’t just for business intelligence. Strong accurate data analysis provides the details necessary for developers to design any processing, reporting, or statistical analysis needed. This session provides Business Analysts with techniques and suggestions for eliciting accurate data requirements and avoiding data analysis pitfalls.

The data that companies keep and use is a critical asset for their success. This information or data provides the raw materials for business rules, making decisions and needed for developing the sophisticated systems that are used in our organizations. However, even with all of these systems many of our applications are less than perfect and missing data requirements are some of the most frequent and costly project errors. One reason is that data requirements are not elicited and analyzed early enough in the development process.

Session Roadmap

  • What’s included in data analysis?
  • How are data requirements presented?
  • How do we elicit data requirements?

Webinar Length: 1 Hour


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