Ask the Right Questions On-Demand Webinar



By far the most requested topic from clients and people performing business analysis is “What are the right questions to ask?” Asking questions is at the core of performing business analysis and the “correct” answer to this question is as varied as the projects analysts are involved with and the techniques they utilize.

This webinar will provide a framework for ensuring that you’re asking the right questions, at the right time, and of the right audience. Discussions will include factors that will impact the types of questions required and techniques to help drive the right questions. Participants will be provided checklists for use after the session as job aids.

Webinar Roadmap

  • Discuss factors that impact the right questions
  • Determine the right questions to ask based on where you are in the project
  • Discuss the use of techniques to drive and highlight the right questions to ask
  • Understand how validation is a critical component to ensuring you asked the right questions

Webinar Length: 1 Hour


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