Applying Business Analysis

Download PDFThis is a highly interactive requirements management training course that helps you assess analysis situations, interpret the information at hand, and ask the right questions so that you can determine the most appropriate approach(s) and course(s) of action to make your requirements management and definition as efficient and effective as possible.

Participants are given a scenario in which they work in teams to define their approach for elicitation and analysis. Skills and techniques covered in the prior days of Essential Skills for Business Analysis are utilized and a checklist is provided to rate their approach, revise, and present a final analysis approach. As the day progresses, students have the opportunity to “Swim with the Sharks”. The “sharks” are additional scenarios that simulate real world project obstacles in which participants make decisions on how to overcome and maneuver through the rough waters. Lessons provide concrete tips and techniques to effectively handle each situation.

Learning Objectives

  • Define and revise your analysis approach
  • Practice creating an analysis approach to make the most efficient use of elicitation and analysis techniques
  • Identify how you should categorize requirements for effective requirements management and communication
  • Define excellent requirement characteristics
  • Describe best practices for traceability, impact analysis, and reuse
  • Practice various communication techniques to facilitate productivity and workflow
  • Discuss strategies for overcoming project obstacles, including lack of stakeholder engagement, conflict resolution, and prioritization

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Class Experience

This course is appropriate for new and advanced audiences. All exercises can be easily tailored to use your case study or projects. It supports the standards outlined in the IIBA BABOK® Guide and PMI-PBA. This course can be taken either stand-alone or as part of the 4-day Essential Skills for Business Analysis course. If stand-alone, students should be familiar with a variety of analysis skills and techniques.

Course Outline

Developing an Analysis Approach4 hours

  • Review elicitation and analysis techniques
  • Workshop – What is your Analysis Approach?
    • Work in groups to select techniques and determine your approach to a given case study. Students may use their projects.
    • Rate your outcome with the Analysis Checklist provided
    • Revise your approach as needed and present
  • Discuss success criteria for an analysis approach to getting started and/or moving your project forward
  • Discuss why you chose each particular elicitation and analysis technique in your approach
  • Define Excellent Requirements characteristics
  • Requirements Management: Organize and capture requirements
    • Describe why being more organized increases team agility
    • Distinguish the different levels of requirements categories and explain their area of focus
    • Describe the different kinds of requirements information that needs to be included in your requirements repository
    • Compare and contrast approaches for effectively organizing, filtering and reporting your requirements-related content

Swimming with the Sharks2.5 hours

  • Workshop – Swimming with the Sharks
    • Work in groups to create an approach for overcoming real world obstacles that effect projects
    • Describe key strategies for having difficult conversations with SMEs and maneuvering through office politics
    • Describe options for increased stakeholder engagement with a Quick Tip job aid
    • Discuss approaches to resolve conflicting needs, including prioritization options
    • Define methods for performing traceability and impact analysis

Course Summary.5 hours

  • Bringing it all together
  • Develop an Action Plan with next steps on the student’s current project

Appendix –Job Aids

  • Considerations for Analysis
  • Quick Tips: Stakeholder Engagement

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  1. Lisa S.

    This class was an excellent way to reinforce, through practical application, all the tools and techniques learned in the prior classes.

  2. Nikhil K.

    Thank you for the business analysis training – it was really useful on so many dimensions – tools, techniques, softer aspects like stakeholder engagement/decision making, etc. And it was very well structured, activity driven and engaging.

    We are now armed with some frameworks and a foundation!!

  3. Dean O.

    At the time of class, I had 3 projects – each with very different expectations of my role so the post-class BA Plan help me identify the work I would be doing for each project and plan it out accordingly. I was so pleased that I found the tools and concepts and resources flexibility met my needs.

  4. Kevin M.

    Great introduction course for folks new to the analyst role. The best virtual learning environment I’ve experienced to date. Keep up the excellent work!

  5. Nicole H.

    Wonderful training session. Most effective training I’ve had to date.

  6. Emily D.

    I really enjoyed the small group interactions. It was nice to work on “projects” with people I don’t have the opportunity to work with on a regular basis, and the mix of new and experienced analysts in the group was good for fostering new ideas.

  7. Jennifer T.

    Thank you for your time! I’ve really enjoyed this session because you made me think outside the box.

  8. Benjamin V.W.

    This was a fantastic opportunity and I am excited to take this information back and present it to my management and fellow teammates.

Applying Business Analysis Course Length: 1 day

October 3, 2019 Live Virtual 9:00 - 5:00 EST Register
requirements management training
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Length 1 day
Intended Audience

This course is designed for individuals performing business analysis activities; business analysts, project managers, business systems analysts, product managers, product owners, system architect, process engineers, requirements engineers, or any other project team member.

Prerequisites First three days of Essential Skills for Business Analysis or familiar with elicitation and analysis techniques.
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