Agile Team Overview

Download PDFThis course is designed to introduce students to the agile values, principles, and techniques and takes an in-depth look into the skills necessary to ensure that the team is identifying and delivering the right thing. Whether you’re an existing agile team or new to an agile approach, everyone involved with an agile project needs to understand the needs they are trying to satisfy and the approach they are using to satisfy those needs.

It is an excellent class to level-set management, product owners, or others working in an agile environment.

Learning Objectives

  • How agile values and principles guide a team’s approach to delivering the right thing
  • Determine who should fill common agile roles
  • Understand common agile approaches and how to apply to the learner’s situation
  • Apply agile techniques such as discovery and delivery boards, relative estimating, iteration planning, and others

Class Experience

Interactive workshops allow students to practice the techniques as they learn. Discussions are tailored to address your organization’s specific issues related to topics covered. This course is aligned with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), supports the standards outlined in the IIBA BABOK® Guide, and supports the Learning Objectives of the ICAgile Value Management Track. This course can be taken either stand-alone or as part of the broader Agile Curriculum.

Course Outline

The Agile Environment3 hours

  • Overview of agile values, principles, approaches and terminology
  • Describe the characteristics of an agile environment
  • Determine the appropriate approach for a particular project
  • Implement agile in an organization using a pilot approach
  • Workshops:
    • Create a list of benefits moving from a traditional environment to an agile environment
    • Create a list of challenges moving from a traditional environment to an agile environment and identify corresponding solutions

Roles and Approaches in an Agile Environment3.5 hours

  • Define the various roles in an agile environment
  • Describe what activities are performed by the roles used in an agile environment
  • Explain agile approaches impacts on how teams work and the techniques and processes they use
  • Identify techniques teams working in an agile environment use to aid their collaboration and effectiveness
  • Describe levels of agile planning
  • Conduct iteration planning
    Estimate on agile projects using story points
  • Workshops:
    • Identify the people filling the four key roles on student's current project
    • Iteration planning
    • Planning poker session to estimate size of user stories

Course Summary.5 hour

  • Develop an Action Plan with next steps, based on the student’s current project

5 reviews for Agile Team Overview

  1. Stephanie V

    Everything was described in the best was possible for this being a high overview class.

  2. Marcy H.

    I have lived through a big bang Agile/Scrum implementation and acted as a few different roles on a Scrum team and even with my 5 years of agile experience. The instructor described methods I hadn’t tried before and gave me a different way of looking at a technique or Scrum process/ceremony that I hadn’t thought of before.

  3. Angela S.

    This training was phenomenal. I learned so much and I am excited to start applying my training. The trainer was exceptional. She was very prepared, could answer any question, could give us tangible information and was interesting to learn from. She was an awesome person to learn from. I would highly recommend her to others.

  4. Cheryl E.

    At the beginning of class, I had dozens of questions that I was saving for the end of class. After reviewing my questions, all of them were addressed within the class topics.

  5. Marissa S.

    I thought this training was FANTASTIC! I really wish I had it before I started working on my Agile project because I see so many things that I could have been doing differently. I see so many little things now that I can do differently that will make me more efficient at my job!! I hope to have more training like this in the future!!

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agile team overview
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Length 1 day
Intended Audience

This course is designed for anyone working on an agile team, but is especially helpful for product owners, business analysts, systems analysts, or any other team member involved with requirements on an agile project. This course may also be appropriate for individuals who manage individuals working on an agile team and need a more in-depth understanding of the process and skill set useful for an agile team.

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