Organized Thinking: Rethinking How We Think

Webinar | Seminar


Join us for an interactive presentation on organized thinking where our experts share their experiences and insights on how you and your team can thrive by rethinking how you think. The outcome is to take your current approach at work to the next level by enhancing your thinking process.

There is a lot of learning around business analysis techniques, tools and process and still some project teams and IT organizations are struggling or failing. Business analysis is commonly thought about as just eliciting information and defining requirements– but what about the analysis? Analysis requires thinking therefore how you approach your thinking is key. There are different schools of how to approach your thinking. It’s not just a matter of which technique is right or wrong, but blending them together in the right way. The exercises we will go through will show you that thinking isn’t a passive activity. Learn by doing!


  • Define a number of thinking approaches
  • Discuss how these thinking approaches complement each other
  • Add value to you, your team and your organization by utilizing Thinking Tools
  • Get your team engaged in New Ways of Thinking


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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