Non-Functional Requirements: We All Know What Happens When You Assume



The report is perfect…but it takes 5 minutes to run. Users can’t find what they want…so they constantly call the help desk. Everything works great…except when everyone tries to use the system at once. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Lawrence Chung probably said it best when he stated, “Non-functional requirements – generally informally stated, often contradictory, difficult to enforce during development and evaluate for the customer prior to delivery.”

The BABOK identifies 15 different categories of non-functional requirements. They include key items like user experience because, unfortunately, even the most functionally perfect solution in the world will still be rejected if it doesn’t satisfy its non-functional requirements. Non-functional requirements are often overlooked or assumed and as an analyst, it is important to not fall into this trap. Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to practice writing non-functional requirements for current or past projects.


  • Review the categories of non-functional requirements recognized by the IIBA
  • Review standards for document text-based requirements
  • Practice writing non-functional requirements for current or past projects
  • Present draft non-functional requirements and receive feedback


  • Length: 4 Hours
  • Prerequisites: We recommend participants have attended our Essential Skills for Business Analysis class.
  • Recommended Size: Up to 12 (3 to 4 internal projects recommended)

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