Moving Your Agile Project Forward



This workshop is designed for an entire agile project team to work as a group with an expert agile facilitator to apply agile principles to their project. This is a highly flexible workshop where the team will identify their greatest area of need in order to move the project forward and deliver value.

Participants should bring their project information to the session.


  • Review project information
  • Determine area of focus for workshop:
    • Stocking product backlog with business stakeholders
    • Discovering and/or estimating user stories
    • Determine elicitation techniques for their project
  • Perform agile team activities


  • Length: 1 Day
  • Prerequisites: We recommend participants have attended our Agile Analysis Boot Camp class.
  • Recommended Size: Up to 12 (3 to 4 internal projects recommended)

Interested in holding this work session with your team? Contact us to get your workshop scheduled.

Schedule this workshop and move your agile project forward:

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