I went to dinner last night while in a new town training a group of BAs. Since I wasn’t familiar with the local restaurants, I checked out their menus and customer reviews. After much internal debate I decided to head toward an area where a group of the restaurants were clustered.  This way I figured could follow my own advice from a recent blog post Using Real Options to Decide When to Decide.  As long as I narrowed the decision to three restaurants that were right next to each other, I didn’t have to actually decide which one I wanted to go to until I got there and could collect more information, such as which one was busy, what did the restaurants look like, and what kind of smells were coming from the restaurants. I was even able to get some good advice from a local.  In this case, my cab driver gave me some insight that one restaurant was definitely to be avoided. When he dropped me off, I ignored the restaurant he told me to avoid and then picked the steakhouse that was busy, looked very nice, and had a great smell of grilled meat coming from it. Read more about how to use real options in your work to decide when to decide on my blog post.

– Kent

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