My team and I have conversations all the time with people trying to determine how to develop their team’s skills. Something that comes up frequently is the need to build skills in the context of the team’s specific environment. Managers and the individual learners do not want theory. We Get It. Our training is designed to hit on the skills needed in the learner’s environment and to give them the confidence to use those skills on the job.

A typical training room can be like a swimming pool for someone learning to swim. The water is warm, a life guard is nearby, and it is a safe environment. If you need to stand-up, you can. Likewise, a classroom should be a safe environment where you get to practice the skills being taught with an expert who can help guide your learning.

In our classrooms, we take learning a step further and help you apply your new skills in the real world. Consider this extra step, swimming in the ocean. With waves, cold water, and sharks swimming around, you are a bit (or a lot) more uneasy. Sound like your last project? We help you learn the skills you need to be successful, and also help you understand where these skills fit into the big picture. By knowing both of the aspects you are able to determine when and why to use each skills based on the situation.

Daniel Burrus, Author, Futurist, and Innovation Expert, among other things, just published an article, Teach a Man to Fish: Training vs. Education, which highlights an approach we take when designing and executing our learning events. I found it very interesting and think you will too.

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