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Training Reinforcement

Did you know that students lose 50-80% of what they learned within 24 hours? This figure jumps to 97% after just 30 days* and is commonly known as the Forgetting Curve.


Overcoming the Forgetting Curve can be difficult. However, we help make a difference by investing in your success before, during and after training. We don’t just run learning events; we make them stick. Here’s how:



We work with you to ensure the course and learning points are targeted to provide you with the most important skills and capabilities needed by recommending:

  • Managers set student expectations of why they are going to class.
  • Conducting a pre-class call with your instructor so that the training message is as relevant as possible to your team.

During Class

  • Relevant projects and exercises are used throughout class.
  • We encourage students to keep an open mind to new ideas and approaches – then discuss how they might actually apply them.
  • Students track the most important ideas and critical skills in an action plan to be implemented right after class.


This is where B2T Training really makes a difference! We encourage managers to allow students to apply the skills and techniques they just learned – if they do not use it, they will lose it! To combat the Forgetting Curve, we offer the following reflective activities to make learning stick and bring knowledge retention:

  • 24 Hours: Spend 10 minutes discussing the training with a manager or peers. This can be a simple review of their action plan.
  • 1 Week: Students complete reflective learning exercises.
  • 30 Days: Students get together with their instructor for “Show & Tell” to share a concept they’ve tried since class.
  • 60 Days: Students get together with their instructor for a second round “Show & Tell” to share a concept they’ve tried since class.

Can we help you overcome the Forgetting Curve?

*Art Kohn, Brain Science: Overcoming the Forgetting Curve

Make learning stick for your team:

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