KPI Impact Analysis Framework for Solution Business Value

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A critical factor for a good solution is that it solves a real problem (one that’s actually worth solving), and that it ultimately provides value back to the audience benefiting from that solution. It sounds simple to “problem solve”, but it’s not so simple to define a solution that adds real value back to the business. It can be challenging to identify the desired business outcome correctly, along with a solution that will enable true realization of value. One method to improve the delivery of success is to identify measurements and track results against them (e.g., identify KPIs). But what are the right key performance indicators for business processes that will drive success?

Driving a project or solution from the wrong measures only ensures you deliver things of lesser or no value to the business. In this presentation you will be introduced to an unique approach developed to validate you’re solving the right problem, conceptualizing the right solution, and identifying and defining the right key performance indicators for success. Our KPI Impact Analysis Framework™ provides a foundation of information that can be utilized throughout all phases of a project lifecycle. It helps develop and validate the business case and it feeds the project objectives and requirements, providing a roadmap for setting stakeholder expectations and measuring milestones. Others talk about having to have KPIs; this framework shows you how to select the *right* ones and define them effectively for business value and success.


  • Explain the value validation model; apply it to confirm the problem, ensure the solution proposed actually meets the need and validate the desired outcome with stakeholders.
  • Get introduced to and describe the 4 part KPI Impact Analysis Framework™.
  • Identify ways to measure and monitor your solution in real time to validate it is performing and meeting the desired outcome.


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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