Key Elements of Requirements Facilitation

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Requirements facilitation is the art of bringing people together, face-to-face or remotely, to elicit requirements and gain consensus on solutions. It is a valuable technique needed by all business analysis professionals.  A requirements facilitated session provides business value by reducing the time that it takes to elicit and gain feedback about requirements. Well run sessions contribute to customer and user satisfaction because people get actively involved in the definition of their requirements and often form cohesive bonds as a project team toward a mutual purpose.

This session will introduce business analysts to the key elements of requirements facilitation, provide suggestions when facilitated sessions can be most useful and provide advice on how to structure a productive session.


  • Why is it useful for eliciting requirements
  • What is consensus
  • How to structure a facilitated session
  • Handling challenges during a session


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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