When I was a young buck I could not beat this one kid on the block in a 100 yard dash.  I was convinced it was my worn out shoes causing me to lose time and time again.  I pleaded and begged my parents to buy me a new pair of sneakers for weeks.  Eventually they gave in.  I got the pair I needed to take down the champ.  As soon as we got home, I ran out into the street and lined up for the big race.  Guess what, I lost. That is when I figured out it was not the shoes.

So how does this relate to business analysis?  Like shoes I now put less emphasis on the title business analyst.  Is someone with the title of business analyst excellent in the tasks and techniques required of business analysis.  Not necessarily.  We should not focus on the title as much as the role.  Every successful project team does not need a business analyst, but they better be doing business analysis.

Agree or disagree?  Have something to add?  Please share.

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