The current BA Challenge has been an incredible experience for me.

I have been directly involved with the BA domain since I started a business analysis team some six years ago. Previously, I was a web developer and the manager of a web/client-server development team. As a developer, I was always interested in the “big picture,” even though I got a kick out of writing code. While I knew there was something out there which was called business analysis and that it was somehow intended to improve things like requirements documents, I had no concept of the breadth or depth of the profession.

Fast forward to the current challenge.

In the past few weeks, I have learned that I like to learn, and I like to help others to learn. The challenge asked us to expand our horizons as BAs, not only looking at the BABOK (for daily questions), but to look to other resources for information and opportunities to participate and give back.

I’ve learned that, although I know quite a bit, there is still a LOT more to learn. I’ve been pointed in several new directions thanks to my fellow challengers, and I have established a number of new and strengthened connections across the industry along the way.

I’ve now started to make it a habit to make time to read, to engage in discussions, to ask questions, and to consider where my career is headed.

I guess this is more of a testimonial than an informative post, but I think that it’s valuable to assess where you are, where you are going and how you want to get there.

I have adopted a branding statement of “I enjoy helping BAs to do their job better!” and I truly believe the challenge is a vehicle to help me to do what I enjoy.

Now, I challenge you to find what you enjoy!

– Tom

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