Is an AS-IS Workflow Diagram a requirement? This question recently came up in an IIBA Business Analysis Body of Knowledge core team meeting. Everyone’s first reaction was no, or of course not. It is an AS IS. I think that most people would say no because an “AS IS” is a currently implemented process or procedure. This brings up an interesting question: are requirements only things that have not been implemented? The definition of a requirement from the BABOK is “. . . a condition or capability needed by a stakeholder to solve a problem or achieve an objective.”

Just because a process or procedure has been successfully implemented (AS IS WORKFLOW), is it no longAS-IS-Workflow-Diagramer a requirement? If the process was broken or was interrupted somehow would it then become a requirement again? And when we talk about requirements management, aren’t we including the ongoing management of requirements after they have been implemented?

To me, all of these issues support the inclusion of AS IS WORKFLOW Diagrams and descriptions in our list of requirements.

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