I read an interesting article written by Gladys Lam on the business rules community website.

She argues that a business rule is not a “requirement,” instead that requirements implement business rules. This is another example of the different ways that our industry uses the word “requirement.”

I will continue to urge Business Analysts to use a broader definition of the word requirement. In this case, I include business rules in the list of requirements that belong in a requirements package. Again I refer to the definition of the word requirement in the new IIBA Body of Knowledge “. . a condition or capability needed by a stakeholder . . .”. I think that business rules are needed to solve a business problem or achieve an objective. Yes, business rules exist outside of any particular implementation. So do business processes and business information. These components make up a business model that is implementation independent.

To view the article follow this link: http://www.brcommunity.com/b290.php. A username and password are required to  read the article.

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