Michael Weiss

Senior Instructor, Innovation Consultant, Design Thinker


Travel!  I love exploring different places, meeting strangers, and immersing myself in local culture.  I also enjoy hiking, attending the theater, dining out, and finding new ways to put a smile on the face of my wife.

First Job

Clerk in a local pharmacy

Favorite Food

Steak on the grill

Best Advice Ever Received

A positive attitude makes all the difference.


Michael is originally from Philadelphia and lived many places before finding his forever home in Chattanooga. He spent many years in tradition IT (software development, technical management) before focusing on innovation and transformation for the last 6 years. His innovation work leverages design thinking, Agile development, culture change, and emerging technology. He has worked for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies; now works independently and as an instructor for B2T Training to help organizations solve problems and achieve their goals.

By applying a human-centric approach to design, development, and organizational culture, Michael understands that people must be the focus of all our efforts. It’s not about the tech, it’s about how people use it and benefit from it. It’s not about the process, it’s about making things as efficient and simple as possible for people to achieve the best possible results.

Student Comments

I wasn’t a believer when I came into the class but left with action plans that can help my team.

Michael did a really good job of keeping the conversation on track and focused while allowing for creative tangents.

Michael has the ability to introduce new thinking and changes that could feel uncomfortable but in a creative and non-personal way, allowing for open discussion without defensive feelings.

Michael challenged us to think beyond the norm.

Michael is an awesome facilitator!

Michael is very good at understanding both the technical side as well as the people side of every situation.

Michael created and maintained the space for us to think creatively and gently guided us throughout the process.

I liked how Michael took the time to understand our company’s environment and tailored the examples to it.

Michael was great at ensuring we understood the material with plenty of time for conversation and ideas.

I liked how Michael kept us engaged throughout the class with interesting stories and activities.

I appreciated Michael’s guidance that implementation of Agile is a process, not something that happens immediately.

I really liked Michael’s enthusiasm for teaching.

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