Greg Busby

Senior Instructor, BA Certified, CBAP


Singing and performing, farming, and fixing stuff

First Job

Doing the inventory control software for in-store computers for McDonald’s restaurants

Favorite Food

Pizza and burgers

Best Advice Ever Received

Don’t spend a lot of time memorizing things for work. Know where to find the answers. If you use it all the time, you’ll remember it. – from my college CS professor


Greg Busby was instrumental in the foundation of and has led the Business Analysis practice at Cornell University for nearly 10 years. Greg has over 30 years of IT and business experience. He has performed business analysis of one type or another for nearly 20 of those years in roles as varied as Product Manager, Solution Owner, Senior Consultant and now Lead Business Analyst in industries including logistics, healthcare and higher education. Greg’s passion is helping people find elegant, cost-effective solutions to common and nagging problems, allowing people and businesses to address those issues and function more effectively.

Greg is a CBAP, was a Practitioner Reviewer of BABOK v2.0, has published articles online and was a contributor to Business Analysis for Dummies.

Student Comments

Greg was a very engaging instructor with a lot of great insight and was able to relate our questions to personal experiences.

Greg did an EXCELLENT job. He paced the class extremely well and had an awesome grasp on the material. He used the material wisely, but also included many real life examples that made the concepts very tangible and easy to learn. Great job!

The instructor was very energetic and got everyone involved in the class involved. He made it very interactive.

Greg was prepared, knew the material and presented it with confidence and enthusiasm.

Greg is an engaging instructor. He was not only knowledgeable of the subject matter, but he understood how to get participants to engage fully.

Very much liked Greg’s approach. He kept me, and the rest of the students, engaged and actively involved in learning throughout the four day class.

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