Davania Hayslett

Senior Instructor


Traveling, Running 5k and ½ Marathon Races, Riding my road bike on the hilly streets of Atlanta

First Job

Taco Bell

Favorite Food


Best Advice Ever Received

“Find a Way.” – Diana Nyad


Davania Hayslett has a history of more than 15 years in re-engineering concepts and tools to improve processes that build both business effectiveness and efficiency. She has led efforts as a Business Analyst Consultant in subject domains such as banking and finance, digital marketing and energy management to name a few. Davania has been recognized for her leadership and initiative to drive change in business analysis, data analysis, and project management. She thrives in building client relationships and helping teams collaborate effectively to convert requirements into effective business designs. She has a knack for understanding and coordinating the factors that play into projects by drawing on her extensive business and technical experience.

Davania is a skilled facilitator, enjoys teaching, mentoring and volunteering at LeaderCast and LeaderCast Women Events. Davania champions relational networks and internal collaboration.

Student Comments

We can’t wait for Davania to teach her first class with B2T so we can share her 5-star reviews!

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