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Our Instructors are both practicing in the field as business analysts as well as adult education specialists. What this means to you is that they are highly qualified to not only effectively transfer knowledge to your team, but also bring current, relevant examples and experiences to the sessions. Our instructors are passionate about business analysis, love what they do and meet the highest professional standards.

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Greg Busby

Greg Busby

BA Certified, CBAP, TKP

Greg Busby was instrumental in the foundation of and has led the Business Analysis practice at Cornell University for nearly 10 years. Greg has over 30 years of IT and business experience. He has performed business analysis of one type or another for nearly 20 of those years in roles as varied as Product Manager, Solution Owner, Senior Consultant and now Lead Business Analyst in industries including logistics, healthcare and higher education. Greg’s passion is helping people find elegant, cost-effective solutions to common and nagging problems, allowing people and businesses to address those issues and function more effectively. Greg is a CBAP, was a Practitioner Reviewer of BABOK v2.0, has published articles online and was a contributor to Business Analysis for Dummies. Fun Facts

“The trainer, Greg Busby, was excellent. He’s very knowledgeable, personable, engaging, and adaptable.”

“Greg was an excellent instructor. I would be happy to take more classes from him.”

“Greg did an EXCELLENT job. He paced the class extremely well and had an awesome grasp on the material. He used the material wisely, but also included many real life examples that made the concepts very tangible and easy to learn. Great job!”

“Greg was prepared, knew the material and presented it with confidence and enthusiasm.”

“Very much liked Greg’s approach. He kept me, and the rest of the students, engaged and actively involved in learning throughout the four-day class.”

“Greg did a great job teaching and is an engaging instructor. He was not only knowledgeable of the subject matter, but he understood how to get participants to engage fully.”

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Kathy Claycomb

Kathy Claycomb

BA Certified, CBAP, TKP

Kathy Claycomb brings over 30 years of IT experience to the classroom. She has participated in all phases of application development across a wide variety of platforms, and has used numerous methodologies to analyze, design and implement systems. Kathy holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and has worked in transportation, training, and software development organizations.

Kathy’s first love is teaching, and throughout her career she has always managed to spend a portion of her time instructing. She has an engaging, highly interactive teaching style that ensures students leave the course with a thorough grasp of the material. Her students consistently praise her teaching abilities and her talent for drawing on her personal experience to enhance their learning.

Fun Facts

“This was one of the best classes I have ever attended [Essential Skills for Business Analysis]. The subject was covered at just the right level of detail and at the right pace. Kathy was an excellent instructor and I am going to recommend that she teach all our classes.”

“Kathy is the best instructor I have ever had. Her communication skills are unsurpassed. Her commanding knowledge helped answer questions and her facilitation was excellent.”

“Kathy is a true professional. She has great experience, great presence in the room and excellent communication skills and insight.”

“The course was excellent! Kathy was fabulous and she made every topic fresh and enjoyable, even for those of us who have been around a long time. Very professional and very approachable.”

“Class was wonderful! Kathy is a great teacher and communicator. I’ve learned many skills that I can use for my position. Thanks!”

“Kathy was a fantastic facilitator. I enjoyed her class and would highly recommend her. She came from a position of great knowledge, but broke it down to very easy to understands parts. Bravo!”

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Cassie Courtney


Cassie Courtney is a California native but proudly minted Chattanoogan. She serves as an Agile Consultant and Operations Efficacy coach. With over 11 years of experience in operations and leadership coaching in industries including technology, healthcare, marketing, finance and non-profit. Cassie’s passion is seeing real transformation and continuous improvement in all her projects. Serving as a Director of Operations for a software consultancy in San Francisco and Chattanooga, and Director of Product in a software startup, Cassie’s training techniques are uniquely positioned to support process improvement across an entire organization.

Cassie has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Belhaven University and holds multiple credentials within the Scrum Alliance including Certified Scrum Professional, Certified Scrum Product Owner and Certified Scrum Master.

Fun Facts

“Can I just say how great Cassie was with our group? I thought she was really outstanding and presented the material in a way that anyone could grasp – whether they were novice at Kanban or already knew a lot about it, I thought she was just great.” 

“Our group absolutely LOVED Cassie’s session!”

“Everyone keeps mentioning the good job Cassie did teaching our class and how well she kept it going and folks engaged.”

“Cassie’s depth of knowledge and dedication to Scrum and Agile practices is amazing, and I loved being able to work with her in the Scrum process. She has a solid sense of culture and vibe when it comes to the workplace, too, and really helps drive and develop a company’s culture and value system, which is absolutely vital in the modern workplace. I value the lessons I learned from observing Cassie’s leadership style and methods, as well.”

“Over the time I’ve worked with Cassie she’d demonstrate again and again how raising the bar has continued to leverage her excellent communications skills and is bringing agile framework leadership to many companies.”

“I had the privilege to work with Cassie at a tech startup. Cassie impressed me every day in her role as Product Owner with her insight, instincts, knowledge and experience with digital products.”

Ali Cox

Senior Instructor, BA Certified, CBAP, PMP, PMI-PBA, IIBA-ACC, SAFe Agilist (SA), CSM, TKP

Alison (Ali) Cox has experience since the mid-1980s in various areas, including business analysis, project methodology development and training, systems development (mainframe, client-server, and web), and telecommunications management. Alison began her career in the financial services area, and then moved into systems development for accounting systems. She has provided consulting and training in business analysis and project management for small companies to Fortune 500 corporations worldwide and speaks Spanish fluently.

Alison is also a partner of TEMSS (Telecommunications Efficiency Management Strategies and Services), which provides telecommunications efficiency auditing and billing analysis services to clients in all areas of business across the United States. She completed her Master of Business Administration in MIS and Accounting from the University of Georgia.

Fun Facts

“Ali was a great instructor! She kept the class engaged, answered all questions thoroughly, and had great control of the class. It was a great class [Essential Skills for Business Analysis] and I learned new techniques that I am already putting to use! :)”

“Ali was excellent. Very knowledgeable, had many real-life stories to tell that added to our understanding of the subject matter, was an amazing presenter, kept the class lively and moving, and made sure everyone was involved and participating.”

“Very good! Since Ali has been a Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Programmer, she brings an overall picture for the Business Analyst. I would recommend her to others.”

“Ali was a great facilitator and trainer. Awesome blend of personal experience and structured learning. She possesses a natural ability to blend participant experiences at any level to the curriculum.”

“Ali does a great job training with true life skills. I felt she was receptive and had a lot to offer. Bring her back for more training!”

“Our instructor, Ali, was very knowledgeable, easy to focus, easy to follow, engaging, prepared and excellent in her training approach/delivery. The information in this class [Requirements Analysis Techniques] was excellent, and very helpful. Thank you.”

“Ali did a wonderful job at delivering the training material! Her energetic attitude and knowledge and experience in the job helped make what could have been a boring class active, engaged and educational.”

“Lots of training classes have organized materials, but it was obvious throughout this course that Ali had a tremendous amount of practical business experience. I would like to take other B2T trainings with this instructor.”

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Scott Helmers

MVP for Visio, TKP

For more than 20 years, Scott has helped organizations with business analysis and business process management projects. To meet a recurring client need to create effective process documentation that didn’t sit, untouched, on a shelf after it was created, Scott and his colleagues at Harvard Computing Group invented TaskMap, a Visio add-in that allows anyone to document, analyze, and improve all of the important aspects of any business process.

In the course of designing and implementing TaskMap, Scott learned a lot about Visio and began speaking, teaching, and writing about it. Microsoft has recognized his contributions to the technical and business communities by naming him a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Visio every year since 2008, one of only 10 people in the world to hold that distinction.

Scott is the author of four books from Microsoft Press, including Visio 2016 Step by Step and Business Intelligence in Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013(coauthor). He is also a course author for LinkedIn Learning and has taught thousands of people in corporate classrooms as well as during a decade as an adjunct professor at Northeastern and Boston Universities.

When not working or spending time with his family, Scott can usually be found on his bicycle or working with a local community theater company.

Fun Facts

Scott has a way of breaking down concepts and techniques that make them so much more understandable and consumable.

Scott effectively communicated not only how to implement this feature, but also good use cases for when to do so.

You’re an inspiration, Scott!

Thank you for the great presentation. Though I have used Visio for years, I didn’t know it was so powerful to allow us to accomplish what you presented.

I want to be just like Scott when I teach!

For the past six years, Lizzie worked for the fastest growing technology startup in Austin, Texas. It was there that she learned an immense amount of knowledge about what it takes to start, run, and grow a business. With leadership moving in and out, teams getting bigger, and new processes being acquired, the company had to embrace change in order to scale properly to suit the customers’ needs. Through implementing agile methods, the organization worked better together, resulting in more effective workflows and a happier customer experience.

Working in Operations as a Business Analyst, Lizzie’s focus was to improve productivity between departments through process improvement. Increasing efficiency is Lizzie’s passion and using business analysis techniques and agile methods allowed for significant process improvement and team communication sooner. Lizzie believes that structure, delegation, and interdepartmental cohesion is what’s needed to succeed quickly on projects, and using an agile + business analyst approach allows for that achievement.

Fun Facts

We can’t wait for Lizzie to teach her first class with B2T so we can share her 5-star reviews!

Heather Mylan-Mains

Heather is a stimulus for change as a mom, a business analyst consultant, current IIBA® Board Member, former IIBA® Deputy VP Chapters and former President of the Central Iowa Chapter. Heather has worked as a Business Analyst long before there was a formal title. For the past 20 years, she has worked with a variety of project teams to identify and solve problems and challenges in the financial services and insurance industries. Her experience includes: new system development, disaster recovery, time management and expense allocation, CRM system implementation and migration, document imaging and workflow implementation, compliance projects, process mapping, process reengineering, decision analysis, strategic planning and managing diverse teams.

In her IIBA® roles she uses her passion for sharing the power of the Business Analyst role and promoting the importance of that role in every business. Heather is a natural collaborator in her BA role and engages people at all levels in organizations. She has been fortunate to work through all the processes of business analysis in the SDLC and be able to participate in many roles in projects. There is no part of the RACI matrix she has not been responsible for! Heather is a B2T trained business analyst.

Get to know Heather better as shares her thoughts and insights on her BAs Without Borders blog.

Fun Facts

“Heather is great and she brings lots of relevant experience and examples. I appreciate that she ensures that everyone is on the same page regardless of their current skill set.”

“Heather was an amazing instructor! It has been a while since my last training and I wasn’t very comfortable with taking a training class but Heather made it work from the first minute of class. Not only was she knowledgeable and a good speaker, she has a personal approach to each student.”

“Heather was a very good instructor, she taught extremely well. Her teaching style was very enthusiastically which made everything interesting as well as enjoyable.”

“Heather was very knowledgeable. She had work experience to apply some great examples. She was always able to explain things at a level that was not over my head. I really learned a lot from this class.”

“Everything was awesome. Heather was simply a pleasure to learn from!”

“Heather is a very skilled trainer. Probably one of the best presenters I’ve seen.”

“Heather was an awesome instructor and VERY knowledgeable about the course! She used a lot of real-life examples that greatly helped illustrate the topics and helped me translate the material into usable skills. I felt like she was focused on helping me learn and apply the material and made herself available to all of us throughout the class. I would definitely recommend this class as well as Heather as an instructor for others!”

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Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman

Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman

Senior Instructor, BA Certified, CBAP, PMP, SAFe Agilist (SA), SAFe Practitioner (SP), SSBB, CSM, TKP

Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman has provided strategic project solutions along with training and mentoring throughout her career in the areas of business analysis, database administration, data analysis, and process improvement. She possesses over 30 years of experience working on projects and using various methodologies and approaches, including Agile, Extreme Programming, Waterfall, Object-oriented, UML, Six Sigma, and CMMI. She has held the roles of Business Analyst, Project Manager, Program Manager, Tester, DBA, Developer, and Process Analyst. Her diverse background naturally paved the way towards becoming a Certified Scrum Master and an Agile Coach, as well as obtaining her SAFe Agilist (SA) certification. She has spent the last 14 years building up her agile experience, and now has a track record of helping organizations through the challenging transition from waterfall to agile practices.

Transforming an organization from waterfall to agile is a challenge. However, having lived and worked through it in several different environments, Jacqueline knows how successful it can be. Her passion is not just to get teams started on agile; she aims to help them refine and utilize agile as the competitive advantage it was meant to be. She understands that agile is best used to develop people and form high-performing teams with the goal of delivering customer value as quickly as possible. She believes that agile is more than an alternate software development methodology; it’s a mindset and a culture.

Jacqueline earned her Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University. She is a published author, contributor to industry-related titles and was recognized as a leader by Women in IT 2013, 2014 and  won the BDPA Pacesetter award in 2016.

Fun Facts

“Jacqueline was extremely helpful, and a very pleasant and prepared mentor. She fit right in with our group, let us lead some of the conversation and direction where we felt we needed it, and yet stayed on track with the training.”

“Jacqueline Sanders continues to be one of the best instructors that I have ever had. She is proficient, knowledgeable, takes the time to make sure we understand the material, and makes the class fun and interactive.”

“I have attended many training seminars over the years and feel that Jacqueline was one of the best instructors I’ve ever had in terms of covering the material and providing concrete examples and positive feedback.”

“I can’t say enough about Jacqueline. She is fun, energetic, and knowledgeable. I have no doubt that she is an excellent BA. Her real life experiences taught us just as much as the material. I hope to have her as a future instructor.”

“Jacqueline is clear, stays on course and is respectful of our time. She clearly has a firm grasp on business analysis knowledge and fosters a good learning environment.”

“Jacqueline is obviously well-versed in this area and her easy manner makes the class easy to participate in and learn from.”

“Jacqueline is awesome! She is passionate and knowledgeable about the material. She presents in a very energetic and effective manner.”

“Jaqueline did a great job making this material relevant to multiple types of BA roles. She was able to make the material interesting and encouraged discussion amongst different roles to help make learning easier and more fun.”

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Pam Swent

Pam Swent

BA Certified, CBAP, TKP

Pam founded and leads Same Page IT Consulting, a business analysis and project management consulting practice serving mid-size and large organizations. When not addressing client’s IT project challenges, she delivers hands-on training as a subcontractor of B2T Training, a business analysis training company located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Pam is a Certified Business Analysis Professional and has practiced project management, data modeling and process re-engineering for more than 25 years. Her consulting portfolio includes work for a variety of companies where IT solution development is critical to marketing and operational success. Example clients include BNY Mellon, PNC, Innovative Benefits Consulting, Inc., and Peregrine Advisors.  Most recently, she re-engineered the Project Management Office for Federated Investors.  Currently, Pam is working on improving the curriculum of Sandler Training – Peak Performance and training for B2T Training.

Earlier in her career, Pam led or supported a wide variety of projects as an employee at Mellon Bank for 16 years and was a manager at Deloitte Consulting. Before then, Pam worked at EDS, where she addressed process re-engineering and created new metrics for C-suite decision makers. Pam holds a degree in business education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and studied Information Systems at the University of Pittsburgh.

Fun Facts

“Great class! Pam has a lot of experience that she shared with us. Great energy level. I would love to take another class with her.”

“This is the best training experience I have ever had. Pam makes it fun, and presents the training in a very professional and organized fashion. Outstanding Trainer!”

“Pam did a wonderful job making the course informal – and therefore – “user friendly” and participative. We all learned so much!”

“This class was great. Pam was awesome and so very helpful. I really feel like I learned so much & can’t wait to take it back to the office.”

“Pam is great! Her enthusiasm and passion around the materials made the class interesting and kept participants engaged. Her real-life project stories were a welcome addition to the materials.”

“Pam is very passionate about teaching and is an outstanding instructor. She provided real life examples and practical application. Excellent!!!”

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